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Birth Month Reflection

By |2020-12-09T23:10:51+00:00December 8th, 2020|Inspiring Story, People|

It’s Day 7 of December 2020. It's my month. I have a push and pull kind of relationship with birthdays and birth months. As you see, I used to love greeting people; incorporating something personal and as to my relationships [...]

Easter 2020. A Day I Realized that I’m…

By |2020-04-21T06:12:55+00:00April 21st, 2020|People|

  April 12, 2020. Easter Sunday. The last day of our Holy Week. The last day we practice our religious beliefs as Roman Catholics. The first time we experienced our Holy Week in ECQ (enhanced community quarantine) for COVID19 (coronavirus). [...]

With wish and hope

By |2020-03-02T12:12:59+00:00February 29th, 2020|Inspiring Story|

"We can't do her operation, her sugar level is very high", the doctor said to my mother about my maternal grandmother. After having tried and failed throughout the year, she was determined to make her mother's pelvic joint replacement operation [...]


By |2020-02-20T13:00:48+00:00February 20th, 2020|Inspiring Story|

Today we all are crying as I have lost my dad just because of some people. Mom is broken, just shattered into pieces and my twin siblings, they are also crying however they are so young that they don’t know [...]

Out of the window

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  Alarm was ringing since the past 15 minutes; I was waiting for somebody else to dismiss it while I could hear it from the bathroom. It wasn’t usual that I woke up before [...]