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Teenage Love

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Disclaimer: The names of characters in this story are kept anonymous for privacy reasons.

I am writing this incident with additional assumptions of mine in an attempt to target/bring about a question in the minds of teenagers and the society.

A teenage girl had many boyfriends, which she termed as love but were seen as flings by the society. Her so called love life was like any other teenage girl’s dating spree. She found it hard to let go, yet she never stuck to one boyfriend. She didn’t believe in one night stands nor was she able to get intimate and forget. She strongly believed in ethics yet her actions claimed otherwise. All kinds of thoughts were resident to her brain but nothing of what she truly felt was put into words. She lived as life went on and lived in the moment, loved in the moment not thinking of the consequences that may follow.

She then met a guy who was far older than her and was far beyond teenage flings. Destiny and time played well and they fell for each other. Little did the girl know the difference between infatuation and love. They had conversations about life, about loving oneself before another. The guy tried to make conversations about the future and the girl did too but there was a difference, the guy’s words had true emotions behind them and it was just words and temporary emotions for the girl. This another fling of hers although burned in ruins but it made her realize that she had to lover herself first, know herself better before blindly falling into love triangles. She later on ended with the boy she was dating earlier who had given all of him to get all of her. Little did the girl realize that not everyone takes time in the journey of love, some people just stick on to you and never let go. And we need to understand another person’s state before taking everything into granted. Each one is different and we cannot say how are little actions can cause a huge impact in another person’s life.

The teenage girl is happy now because she knows better. At least she thinks she knows better She has grown over the period of not knowing, of experimenting, of learning. But we can’t say how many hearts she had broken, how many times her heart had been broken, whose love was true, whose wasn’t, if it would’ve been better if she had stuck to one person or learnt as she moved on. Or if the journey was anymore spicier. We can’t say what’s right and what’s wrong but it is what it is. Love is misused by many in the society today, it has become an agreement of sex in the teenage world. Many teenage relationships fail because we fail to know ourselves better. And hence in no circumstance will we understand our partner. Not just teenage relationships, even marriages fail. It’s high time we stop misusing things. Be it emotions, people and even the environment.


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I am pursuing design at MIT, pune and am currently in my 3rd year. When incidents hit me hard, I become a temporary writer. So one can say that writing is something that I want to use as a tool to convey things I wouldn't have done using word of mouth. This is one of my first publications online so would love some constructive criticism and support.

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