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” Love in the air, joy in the surroundings, happiness among people, happens only in these stories. Real-life is far more boring … “, said Asha as she finished her book. Asha is a simple, middle class, teen girl, who, like all of us, wants to explore the world, meet new people, live her life by her rules, but then get back to her daily chores hoping that someday she’ll achieve them all.

” Asha has always been an ambitious girl. She is going to work very hard and make us proud. “, said Asha’s father to Mr.Sharma who always kept boasting about his son’s job and assets. Asha’s father is like all those fathers who would always want their children to have a good job and live with respect in this society; where respect is directly proportional to your materialistic assets. Hearing their conversation Asha’s thoughts fell into the never-ending battle between her heart and mind.

Asha always dreamt of doing something different with her life compared to others. But all her dreams were deeply attached to her parents’ happiness and acceptance. She, as any other teenager would want to do for their parents, always wanted to make her parents proud and give them all that she could.

After a long battle between her heart and mind, she gave-in to her heart. While doing what her parents want from her Asha decided to spare some time to discover what she always wanted to do. Being a simple girl, she always thought that wanting something from life only means to have a great job that can pay all your bills. Only to her surprise, she realized that wanting something in life is not always a job. Thanks to Raghav! who has always been there for Asha as a guide, when she needed one. Raghav happens to be Asha’s childhood friend. Both of them have almost spent their childhood together. Asha can speak to Raghav about anyone and anything heartfully. That is how close they are to each other.

As she was going to enter her professional life, Asha’s parents wanted her to study hard so that she can find a good job by the end of her degree. Asha too wanted a good job but she wanted to do something besides her college. She then spoke to Raghav regarding this. After a lot of research, they finally decided to sign up as volunteers for an NGO.

” Hello, Pals !! we have a meeting at XYZ cafe tomorrow. Hope to see you there !! ” poped a message, regarding the NGO, as Asha and Raghav were having their evening chai. Their eyes filled with excitement as they read the message. They were eager to begin their day. Even the ordinary chai was tasting divine, the metro jam-packed with people was seeming like heaven for both of them. They bunked their college that day and arrived at the XYZ cafe an hour before the meeting. The objective of the meeting was to visit an orphanage and spend some time with people at the orphanage.

The journey to Orphanage was a long one. All the volunteers got into the bus and started speaking to each other. On her way to the orphanage, Asha had met some amazing people who come from different walks of life. She hoped that someday this society would become a little sane if everyone had such an optimistic mindset. As she reached the orphanage she felt numb as she saw so many kids, younger than her, struggling even to get their basic needs fulfilled. She was deeply struck by sadness when she saw old people who were left by their kids becoming parents to young children who were left by their parents. Her eyes were filled with tears when she heard the story of a girl child who was abanded by her biological parents when she was just 2-days old. The child’s name was Hope. She then enquired people at the orphanage as of why they named her Hope. They told her, “Hope is the youngest child in our orphanage. Five years back when she was found, she was motionless. As we rushed her to the hospital doctors said that she would be kept under observation. They also told us that that night would decide whether she would see tomorrow’s morning. All of us were very scared. We have never seen a baby fighting for her at such a tender age. But then she woke up fine the next morning. She has been an example of hoping for better in life even in the worst scenario. We couldn’t have thought of any better name to her, so, we named her Hope.” Hearing the story Asha realized that its okay to face difficulties in life as time would heal all your wounds.

On her way back home Asha’s had a bittersweet emotion. There were a couple of things which she wanted to take home with herself. Of which one she realized how privileged she was to have people who care about her and the second one was how humanity is still alive in this inhumane society. She wasn’t sure about the way she linking up with an NGO would support her dreams but she was strongly believed that this journey is going to stay in her heart forever. She then realized that the line that she read in the book earlier was true when one never leaves his true self amidst the noise of the society.

Surprisingly all of us got so busy in our lives that we stopped caring about people around us. We have become like those robots who do the same things day in and day out without any change in our routine. At least robots can be programmed to work differently. But we, as humans stopped programming our own lives and have been running on the same program till death arrives. Death is the ultimate truth where one questions his whole life. Let’s not fear this question and keep Asha alive in all of us who always strives for something new despite dealing with her daily chores.


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