//The Art of Not Giving Up

The Art of Not Giving Up

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I have never been a healthy person. I always keep falling sick frequently, even when there’s a small change in the weather. This particular incident, that I’m about to share with all of you, happened two years ago.

It was just after my 12th-grade final exams. For once, I had not fallen sick and was optimistic about my performance and the results I would receive. I had a month before the dreaded CET exams and was set to do my best on it. But of course, I fell sick. What a surprise. This, however, was a little more serious than a common cold.

In one of the classes of the coaching institute which I attended, I suddenly started experiencing shortness of breath and a burning sensation in my chest. Since it subsided after a while, I didn’t think much about it and went about my routine as usual. But, it started occurring frequently up until the point where I could not study, or concentrate on what was being taught. Even the doctors were flummoxed by this peculiar condition of mine.

I started losing hope on the upcoming exams and almost gave up. I stopped going for classes and sat at home doing nothing all day. My best friend, however, could not let me be and kept encouraging me to keep going and fight until the struggle was over. She always called up to check in on me and discuss what was done in that day’s class. I was grateful for the distraction and without thinking about it much, was slowly having hope instilled in me, little by little.

I studied as much as I could in the limited time that I had and appeared for the exam. I was nervous the entire time and very scared. But, my best friend was by my side and kept assuring me that everything would be fine. I wrote the exams spread over two days and was very relieved when it ended. When the results were announced, however, I was in for a surprise. I had scored a high rank! I immediately called up my best friend and told her the news. She was ecstatic and congratulated me.

Difficulties and hard times aren’t permanent. They are chances that are presented to us to show ourselves what we can do when we put our limits to the test. All we must do is push forward and never give up.




About the Author:

I am a student from Bangalore pursuing B.Tech. I love to read novels in my spare time and have always wanted to write a story. This is my first ever public story and I hope that everyone enjoys it.


  1. voracious_reader February 25, 2020 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    Please do read my story guys. I would really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Jayant Chopra February 26, 2020 at 8:13 am - Reply

    That’s a really nice story. Also, it taught me the value of that person who will not leave your side whatever happens. As in tough times friendship is always put at stake and those who stay should never be left.


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