//The Bearded Girl

The Bearded Girl

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The Bearded girl


“Adolescence”, an age when you and I, have been taught to be extra careful, to be more sensitive yet to be more focused. We all know how these discussions in the families are meant to be. Yet, no elder tries to understand an adolescent mind. Thus, I realized, very few among us dare to share our feelings with the fear of being judged.

 Those were the days for the practice of Annual sports meet when almost more than half of the students were out for some activities or another. But, there were some couple of people for whom these practice days were their golden days where they can spend ample time with their date in classes together without being caught, especially when you have an affair with your juniors or seniors. And who knows someone might get an opportunity to make the best of their memories. 

 Among such people, I was the one, I didn’t know how,  but I liked him, Ruhaan. I thought it was out of love that I saved him from teachers’ scolding,  completed his homework even when mine is undone, helped him in cheating and whatnot. And, steadily my relationship with him took sharp turns just in a month, he was my boyfriend.

And there, I was so excited to meet him for the first time as a boyfriend. No one knew about it but eventually, they would. I saw him going to the class and I knew everyone must be busy with the practice and wanted to take up this opportunity to meet him. I headed my ways to the class, but as soon as I reached the door, I heard some boys giggling and was disappointed to hear them. He was with his friends. I slowed my steps and was about to turn back when I heard them passing comments on the girls for their behaviour, body structures, their walking style and whatnot.

I became anxious yet excited because I knew, I am the best and they must have high thoughts about me. After all, I helped them, I am the one they rely on the most, I have saved them many times and obviously, Ruhaan is there, my friend and then-boyfriend. In my heart, I knew he won’t let anyone say anything against me. That’s how boyfriends are supposed to be for 1a 5-year-old girl. But, what I heard that day shook me and made me doubt my own self. 


Among those boys sarcastic comments on girls, I have one for me, not like the one I thought I deserved but the one they think I am most suitable for. Ruhaan, himself tagged me as Daadi Vali girl ( bearded girl) and adding to it, he laughed at my habit of shaking legs labelling it as orgasms sensation.

From that day onwards, everyone forgot “Devanshi” and a new name come up ” daadi vali girl”. This name was everywhere on my desk to my new lent books. I didn’t know that I didn’t have any other abilities and qualities to be judged for rather my sidelocks which I never chose to have.

I decided to do everything I can to remove them. With the help of the internet, I tried various remedies from rubbing egg peels on my cheek to using a razor. Finally, I ended up in a salon for face wax but they refused.

I stood in front of mirror cursing myself and my body for being such that I am unable to please people.

After telling this whole thing to my mother, I wept. My mother said,” just, because they don’t like you doesn’t mean you would hate yourself. Today, they have a problem with your face, tomorrow it can be anything, you can’t just go about pleasing people by changing yourself. In that process, you will be lost one day. Accept yourself. What is natural should be acceptable. Groom yourself, develop your abilities  that are what is going to be with you forever.”

After a year, the bearded girl became the topper of her district.

Now, she is studying in the primer institution of our country saying this to every Devanshi out there on this earth,  Dont let toxic people affect your peace of mind.  Always think highly of yourself. Be humble and prove yourself that where those bearded guys can’t even dream to be…you being a bearded girl can  reach that platform.



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