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Caught red-handed did sat a young girl with small bun in her hand wearing a torn dress near a shop from where she stole her piece of meal. The nameless child was an orphan escaping every time from street trafficking and had made it to six years of her life time. To recall her past, she had only a year or two to remember. She spent her days wandering in the roads for a square meal like a lone wolf and sleeping her nights out in a parchment she could find. The day arrived which changed her life for a bigger cause. The world had no one for her to teach her the social ethics and the only thing she knew was to satisfy her hunger every time when she boar it. Thus today she stole a bun from a small shop to eat. The shopkeeper seeing this caught this child for her mistake.

Anu, the social worker walking on the street saw this scene and lent her hand out for help. She took the child along with her to her organisation, dolled her up and taught her to speak. Of the words she learnt, the girl liked to address Anu as her mother. This word holds emotions more than letters or sound. It is time for her to start her schooling. Anu took her to a government school. Anu did forget to ask the child the first question all people do. The principal asked, “what’s your name my child?” Anu was stunned by the answer she heard from the child. Yes, if you guessed it right. She said, “ANU”. The small girl Anu grew up in the organisation under the guidance of her mother. Soon she had a father and the couple Anu and Bala adopted their little girl Anu. Bala showered loads of love to her kid that she started leading a happy life. The little Anu grew to turn 15 years old with a sibling sister Asha. She was ten years old and was very affectionate towards Anu.

One day, leaving Anu to study, the three headed towards a function and they never returned. It was a tragic accident that took the soul of her life,and her life’s happiness. Now, she is 25 years old standing to head the United Nations Peace Foundation.The organisation supported her to pursue her education. But it was all her mental strength to stand up after the odd situations to grow big in her life.  On her heading ceremony, there were journalists waiting to question the young achiever. The first question to her was, “what was your ambition as a kid?” she said, “I wanted to become like my mother”. The excited journalists questioned, “who named you was it your father or your mother?” with a smile she replied, “I chose to keep my mother’s name for myself”. She was on the stage to give her address. She said, “It’s because of my mother that I stand here. I promise that I will take her vision forward and be a mother to kids out there starving. The crowd gave a standing ovation to the young visionary.


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