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the first step

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Everyone in the school turned their heads to the sound. Tommy was being bullied again. Nobody knew why exactly he was bullied all the time and maybe because of his physique or personality or both.

This started way back in elementary and now he is in junior high. He couldn’t wait to get out of this school.

Sometimes, the bullying is in many ways. Locking him inside bathroom or classroom after everyone left. Drew on his face with a permanent marker, teased him and even ordered him to do their work.

He was mostly bullied by one person every single day-Trevor. Trevor was much bigger than tommy and was known as a school bully. Tommy complained against Trevor so many times, but neither of the teachers took any action against him.so tommy complained to his parents, Austin Russell and Jane Russell-they are board members of esteemed company-Silver Coin, helping people manage their financials. They are hardly present in the house and are quite unaware of the bullying.

When tommy confronted about the bullying, they just brushed it off as another playful thing. “My buds and I used to fool around in our time too. “Austin said, “It is not bullying when people joke around”.

Neither his parents nor his teachers took into tommy’s considerations, in turn left him depressed and always avoiding people in the hallways. He used to attend classes and immediately came back home. He didn’t dare spend another second after the last bell.

But one day, something happened, something that changed his life forever.

The lunch bell rang as usual, people flocked across the courtyard to find the seats available.it was unusually crowded that day. Tommy was sitting alone in a 4 chair table. Trevor and his friends came to his table and ordered him to leave,”hey, scoot from here, we need to sit”. Tommy was very tired and hungry and didn’t respond. ”hey, he was talking to you lamb-chops “one of the group members yelled.by now, the people nearby turned towards the commotion, some enjoying the scene and others worried.

The boys waited for few more minutes, and when tommy didn’t budge, Trevor went in for a punch. But missed it!

Tommy got up, went to Trevor and throat-punched him. He punched the boy who also yelled at him.

The commotion in the room echoed and attracted one of the teachers and sent them to the principal

Upon learning the events, the principal suspended all of them for 2 weeks. Their parents were called.

All the boys went home, angry, sulking except for one,Tommy. He was finally smiling



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