//The game of life

The game of life

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New Notification ! beep
New Notification ! beep
*a new programme had been created*
the system announced and Jordon rejoiced .
he rejoiced because ,he had meaning
a new meaning, one he had not known before, one that he wasn’t allowed to realize was now accepted .

humans of his day had a processing unit installed into them by surgery
to direct the desicions and thoughts in a way not entirely but partially
so they don’t take rash desicions,
act on randoms whims and harm societal order.
no one was a waste of space
there was no wastage of organic molecules
every person was alotted a daily quota of SWP ,that they had to spend by the end of the day
if not there would be penalties
penalities what sort ?
pain? yes
social rejection ?yes
and self esteem too would be at low for that given day .
Jordon too as the x generation
had undergone this surgery to install the processing unit at a young age
one didn’t need to go to school .information was a singularity on the network that can be accessed by the PU (processing unit)
different activities consume different amounts of SWP
physical activites and thier kind by 400+
learning new information and its kind by 8000+
kind acts and its kind by 10,000+
applying the information gained by 10,000+
spending these SWP helped you rank up in the society .
but anyone that were of the lazy bugs and diabled were sent off to
discard centres

jordons life belonged to the top tier class.made for acheivers
he was among the most learned .
though the PU gave you access to information
it did not help you do anything other than that

he was given a place at the society of the royal citizens .

New Notifiction !
New Notification !
today’s SWP points alloted
please use them accordingly
have a great day Jordon ,
today the system,s programmed voice seemed excited
or maybe it was just himu

Balance ;86400 points
it’d be his new day
after the system accepted his way of life
he took off to take a hover taxi as he sold his hover Rolls Royce

welcome sire

“good morning jet”!, Jordon wished the taxi AI

good morning sire ,will it be the discard centre today


why was a top.teir citizen visiting the discard centre meant for the lazy and disabled

everyone in the world knew why .

And it was because of this reason the way the world was working would change ,more or less atleast

as one of his tasks one had to clear to be the member of royal citizen
he was sent to the discard to centre
he did go
but what if who came back was an entirely different person
the always sorted and calm Jordon was flustered felt lost despite the buff his processing unit provided
his hormones concerning sadness pity
and for the first time in the new wolrd empathy
that little girl on the wheel chair
trying her best to reach out
rejected because she wasn’t perfect ?
why ?
due to his new found empathy
he was crtisized severely rid of his membership of the royal society

but he fought
he fought the world for what he believed
10 years of trials on court
debates against jury on how wrong the standards by which they calculate the worth of any given human is
he won

because he believed
he percievered

Jordon got off the taxi payed his fate and walked to tge discard centre with adoption papers

Hello sir ,he saw the girl abandoned by parents the girl that moved the world
waving at him now grown up

no child ,call me dad ,Jordon said emotionally .

our world is a programme too
we have 86400 seconds
each second we spend concerns our worth if you are feeling down it’s because you are doing what you shouldn’t be
so what fight
you might lose fame
the power
but not your will
you are perfect just as you are
go ahead change the world
give history your share of tales


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