//The Garland of Corpse

The Garland of Corpse

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It is a dark evening. Raya, sitting on a bench at the strand, is looking at the river at the other side of the railing. The river looks indifferent.

Today is the third day after the discovery of his infidelity. The truth is crushing. In these last few hours of her life, Raya has seen her world collapse around her. Her dreams scattered, her trust shattered. She has been carried away again and again by the surge of  emotions- from rage to pain, from pain to self-pity, from pity to disgust, from disgust to restlessness. She looks around. The world is least bothered. The swirling storm rages within her.

A whole lot of questions cloud her consciousness- “How could he do this to me? What was my fault? Did he ever love me?How can love die? Then, was it true love? Is true love a reality or a possibility? Then…then…” Raya can think no more. She spent 20 precious years of her life with him. He meant the world to her. Now everything seems so meaningless, so waste. She tries to look in front of her. Only darkness. Raya sees nothing beyond the river- “If it sustains life, it contains also.” Yes, this is the only thing she can do now. The corpse of her dead relationship will rot and will only increase her pain. The pain is killing. Raya resolves: “My existence has lost its life-force. It should and ought to be immersed.”She stands up. Then, in a trance, rolls down the stairs. When almost near the flow, a little girl appears from somewhere, and holding the end of her dupatta, asks, “Oh aunty, will you please come with me? I need a guest.” At once, the trance breaks. A very ordinary little girl with extraordinary eyes, is standing in front of Raya. “Please aunty, be my guest at the Ganpati Puja, I have no guest today”, the little girl pleads. ” Where are your friends, Beta?”, asks Raya, bowing towards her. “They have not come today. You come with me, please…”, the kid urges. Raya reluctantly follows her to a bush nearby. To Raya’s utter surprise, the supposed Ganpati turns out to be a big cactus plant. ” Is this your idol?”, asks Raya, without indignance. “Yes”, the girl replies with a smile. Then looking at  Raya’s face, giggles,” Is it necessary for all the Ganpatis to look elephant-like? Mine is cactus-like”. Raya gets stirred. Suddenly, Raya notices something in her hand- ” Oh my god! what is it?” “Don’t panic, aunty, it’s only a dead snake”, calmly the girl replies. ” But what are you doing with a snake? It’s dead. Throw it at once”, demands Raya desperately. “No, aunty, this is my garland. I’ll put it around my Ganpati’s neck. Isn’t it a great idea?”, smiling, the girl says, as she looks at Raya. Raya sinks upon the ground. ” Yes, Beta, it’s a great idea, a wonderful idea”, Raya mutters. He has killed their relationship. But what Raya decided a few moments earlier, could only give her precious relationship an ugly end. This little girl taught her how to make a garland out of a corpse. He turned their love into a corpse. She will bring the beauty out of it.

Raya gets up. Looks forward. Yes, she can see a faint light beyond the river. She remembers the line-” Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought “. Yes, she knows what exactly she has to do now. With calm and bold steps Raya returns on the stairs and faces the river. The river looks not so indifferent.


About the Author:

Myself a teacher in a rural school. I love my students. I try to experience life intensely. I suck whatever life has to offer to me, good or bad.


  1. Chitralekha February 19, 2020 at 6:44 am

    Hello friends, I’m Chitralekha. I value your judgements and would really like to know about your impressions of my story The Garland of Corpse. Thank you

  2. Amreen Ahmed February 19, 2020 at 8:17 am

    Hey Chitralekha, I loved how you weaved the character of the little girl and the enigma she brought with her to your tale…

    Best Wishes 🙂

  3. Nikita February 19, 2020 at 10:23 am

    Beautifully written. Makes for immersive reading and lovely message too.

  4. Chitralekha February 19, 2020 at 4:54 pm

    Thanks Amreen for going through my tale and giving your valuable feedback.


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