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  1. How often do we all remember those wonderful people in our lives- our teachers, after we are out of the institution? May be once a year on Teacher’s Day? Or not even that… because I am sure not all of us have good memories with all the teachers we have come across in our lives… but exceptions do exist in this vast world…for some(like me) teachers mean a lot and I have plenty of golden memories with most of them, at school, college and university too…
    Each of them have made a great impact on me in life, they taught me things for my life, for which I am grateful…
    I want to share about one such wonderful person- Mrs. Honey, who is as sweet as her name… never did I know that I would just get roughly about 345 days in my life to spend with her… but learnt a lot from her.
    It was our Day 2 at the new university, early August, bright Tuesday morning, 8:30 A.M… dressed in a bright and vibrant orange there enters the first professor of the day Mrs. Honey… with a smile and twinkling eyes that caught my attention which were about 1.5 feet away from mine. She introduced herself “good morning, I am Honey David from Manhattan. I will be handling Biology for you all this year. Can each of you stand and introduce yourselves with your names and the place you are from?”
    And there goes the first person to her right…
    I got mesmerized with that beautiful smile and eyes filled with warmth that Mrs. Honey had. I am still in search for a great good reason for why I admire her from the day I actually saw her…somewhere down I felt as if I knew her from long time. Mrs. Honey according me was a very independent person, kind at heart, a strong believer in the Almighty, devoted to everything that she did, a dear teacher to her students, a good friend to her colleagues and top it all her striving nature to spark the creativity in her students’ minds. She always spoke less but more effective and inspiring.
    Each day my love, respect and regards for her grew more. Every morning I waited to get a glimpse of her or made it a point that I wish her morning, it was as though my day at the university never started without seeing her at least for once from far. More over like a lucky charm she was to me.
    Mrs. Honey and I exchanged smiles and wishes each time we came across each other. From the day I first saw her she became my favorite teacher at the university. I thanked God for her. The day would automatically turn pale when I dint see her.
    As a student I have always been close to my teachers. Even if I dint occupy a place in their hearts, they always did and so did Mrs. Honey occupy an important place in my heart too.
    It was Teacher’s Day and we students decide to speak about the teachers who came to our class, without any confusion I said I would speak about Mrs. Honey. As she entered we wished her, I went up to her and asked to let me speak few words. Mrs. Honey agreed and took her seat. I went up and began my speech in which I spoke about her and ended with a poem written by me on the note of thanking her and praying for her. After I came down she said “thanks a lot, too many words thanks. It is students who make Teacher’s Day. If there are students there are teachers and there is Teacher’s Day. It’s you guys who make this day. Thank you.” We applauded for our dear Mrs. Honey with full of joy for she made us happy.
    Few days later I wanted to let Mrs. Honey know how special she was to me and I made a video for her. She was so happy and I was on cloud nine for having known that she liked it. In reply to the video Mrs. Honey thanked Rose, my friend and me, her reply:
    “You both made my day (Sophia and Rose). Teaching has been my passion and I have always dreamt of being a teacher. Working in a corporate world for seven years made me realize I was meant to be amidst students. I am glad I took the right choice. Every student is unique and talented and so are you both! God bless.” We were so happy to have got such wonderful response from Mrs. Honey.
    Mrs. Honey’s birthday was somewhere round the corner. I wanted to make something for her so I made a card along with lucky stars which had a message for her, which I wanted her to decode and a note for her. She like it and thanked me. Like always that day too her eyes never failed to make me feel good…those eyes were always filled with a motherly concern. The greatest of joys was that we both shared our birthdays in the same month.
    A while later I heard someone say that Mrs. Honey would leave the university, my heart sank in sorrow, I immediately asked Rose about it she wasn’t sure of it. I asked Mrs. Honey and she just smiled. I just prayed that it was wrong what I had heard. Because I dint want Mrs. Honey to leave.
    The academic year was close to end and we had a model test. I had scored really well in a subject and told Mrs. Honey so she said “congrats Sophia you deserved it, continue your hard work.” She was so encouraging. The university exams began and I could hardly talk to her, but used to wish her each day. Before our vacations could begin I wanted to meet Mrs. Honey, I asked her to let me know once she was free. I asked her to assure me that I would get to see her after the vacations, to which Mrs. Honey said “you can always get to see the university Sophia, may be not me” I was totally sad to hear her say this. Then I told her that I would meet her soon after I finish all my exams.
    I went meet her that day to the university, we sat in her staff room, I spent about 1-1.5 hours with her we spoke and then she advised me on the little observations that she had made about me in those roughly about 345 days. She asked me to work hard and do well. Mrs. Honey I shall keep in mind all that you said. I asked for her blessings, she assured me of her blessings forever. I was in tears because I would no longer see her in the university. She said “Sophia why are you crying? Don’t be so sentimental. This is how life is, people come and people go but life has to go on, but take the best out those people you come across… years later you may not even remember who your friends were, as you may find new people in your work place. Don’t be so attached anyone, you will only end up in hurting. Years later your priorities will change your attachment may not be the same to things you are attached now.” She may be was right. But Mrs. Honey you will always remain the same in my life even years later. I have learnt that it takes guts to stay who we are but being ourselves is the best. Come what may I shall never change. Mrs. Honey said “your diary still has a lot of pages and lot teachers can write, may be you may find teachers better than me” Mrs. Honey one thing is sure that I won’t find another loving Mrs. Honey in life.
    Mrs. Honey reminded me about my diary that I had left with her to write something for me. She had not written since she couldn’t find time and she asked me “what do you want me to write Sophia?” I said “anything you like” she began to write and wrote about a page.
    She handed over my diary and said “see if you want me to write something more, I will write. It’s more of an advice that I have written.” I said it was fine and told her that I would read it once I go back home.
    I was filled with tears of joy for having been associated with her in life, tears of sorrow that I would no longer be seeing her in the university, tears of farewell for having to part ways with that wonderful person in my life. I stood to leave and told Mrs. Honey bye and she walked along with me until the door. Me with a heart filled walked through that corridor where I saw her each morning and feeling sad that I wouldn’t get to greet her there hereafter…
    I returned home and opened my diary, “Dear loving Sophia” I was so glad to read the very first line… the lines that Mrs. Honey had written actually made me think and inspired me to explore the reason behind my birth and the purpose of my living on this earth. She quoted from The Bible-‘Education is your life-guard it well.’
    Mrs. Honey summed up everything about me in just four words- jovial, loving, ever smiling, ever caring… I promise to be this way forever Mrs. Honey. She mentioned that nothing was superior in this world than God our creator, and asked me to make him the center of my life.
    Finally signing off she wrote “you will always be blessed Sophia. Love and regards, Honey David (Biology teacher, University of Manhattan)
    And that was my story with my dear Mrs. Honey. I love her and will miss her.
    Mrs. Honey if it’s you reading it- let me tell you again, you mean a lot to me, thanks a ton for everything. Hope I have mentioned everything and if I haven’t and the story isn’t that brilliant enough, I apologize…
    So Mrs. Honey is a gem in my life…


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