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The guy who has dreams

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The guy who has dreams
This story is about a guy who has lots of dreams in his life and who struggled alot to fulfill them. The guy name is Ishaan.
Ishaan always wants to be a singer from his childhood and also he thought about few dreams but because of the financial issues of his family.He never be able to do something in that so after when he passed his 12th class. He decided to do something which takes him to be a teacher in private institutes but still he was not able to get enough money for his dreams. He always disappointed his family even in 12th standard he didn’t get enough marks and even when he wanted a music college. He was not able to get that too But his this disappointments makes him strong and he took all of these in a positive manner which made him people’s favourite person where ever he goes, He beccomes people’s favourite.so these things made him more positive about everything
.so after this he thought alot about his dreams. even about his career.finally his positive thoughts and his positive attitude towards his dreams made him more closer to his dream. He started his own business as a professional and whatever he gets from his profession,he use that for his dreams like he buy guitar and starting learning it and even he started learning musical classes.
His positive attitude and positive nature and his never give up thoughts finally made him closer to his beautiful dreams even he got success in his profession.


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