//The Katti & Abba Rule

The Katti & Abba Rule

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The Katti & Abba Rule


Rishi in his soil-borne clothes was sitting in the corner of the room, mamma was trying to make him sleep, perhaps tired enough from being the leader of every ikki-dukki, langdi, vish-amrit and pakdam-pakdai play. But all in vain! He was constantly busy in pigeon cry, and it had been continued for a multiple of earth revolution hours. Every consoler of the earth was there Mamaji, Chachaji, Bhaiya, Appu teddy, chintu chooha, mamma. Still, his stream of tears was flooding the Ganges of emotions, no one was able to move the rock of Rishi’s pigeon cry. Now, the dinner time approached and the universal consoler of this earth was about to come. Yes,   Papaji came, who can only console but can silence all of the usual and usual noise and everything got quiet even crickets were witnessing the show of that day.

No one was moving but still, as were posing for a one-shot photograph. The only moving thing was Rishi’s head and his lips, as he saw Papaji, his burst the whole Ganges into tears and cling on his knees (the height he could reach).

What happened to you?” asked Papaji. But there was no answer and he could not listen to the silence. So he had to roar, “Ye kya tamasha laga rakha hai?” (“What is all this drama?”)

Before the silence could speak, Rishi said, Papa, “didi mujhse baat nahi kar rahi hai”. (Didi (elder sister) is not talking to me?) My hard-hearted father was not in the mood of more hard work. So he just leaned towards him to pick him up and tried to show his full pocket of ‘havesome’ and asked, “kyu, kya hua?” (Why, what happened?)

And yes that ‘havesome’ idea worked as it does. Finally, Shivji had controlled the Ganga.

Rishi, my brother, enacted something by clutching his fist with pointed thumb towards his chin and muttered, katti…katti kar li hai didi ne.


Papaji who had submitted himself to the ongoing act, called mamma and asked, “Arey yaar ab ye KATTI kya hota hai?

And the whole universe was shocked in awe, “What?”

Mamma, the knower of every secret play of the child, (hesitantly) said, “isme baat nahi karte.”

(And the explanation made the whole universe more numb. The only active thing was retrieving and processing of the mysteries to break the spell of this katti.)

The prevalent universal silence was not ready to speak and someone has to. So, Rishi panickily said, “Abba karna Padta hai.”

(The universe was listening and thinking how it can be done.)

Rishi, had the solution, said, “ Bolna padta hai, “teri-meri Abba”.

So just go and say her “ABBA” mamma suggested.

(Rishi who had forgotten the pigeon cry and portraying himself as “Bahut pahuche huye Sadhu”  had to explain. )



The whole act had to come to an end.




Papaji, broke the “Katti and Abba rule”, slapped Ruhito wake her up and forced her to say ABBA. But Rishi and Ruhi always keep that “KATTI AND ABBA RULE” and never force each other ever in the whole universe.



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