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The Local Connection

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‘What to do now?’ asked Shobhit. I nodded and nothing else came out. I was blank and so was he. We were stuck in an unmanned island in the Lakshadweep for the last nine hours and the sun had also gone to rest now. There was no single hope of getting back before the sunrise.

The year was 2014 and the month was called No-way-amber. Well, my name is Amber. November has not been kind to me ever. In November 2010, I escaped a fatal car accident and in the same month three years later, I broke my leg. In November 2009, I lost my grandmother Also, the dreaded 26/11 happened in the same month in the year 2008 but I was thinking a little too much at that moment.

I had to figure out what to do right now as Shobhit, being younger to me, was terrified. We were too tired now to even walk and our man-hunt for the day had gone waste. We decided to rest beneath the big tree we had found and resumed the hunt for a human being as soon as the sun rises again tomorrow. Neither of us could sleep that night, well, that was not a night…that was something else. I would rather call it the ‘Night of my Life’.

It was past midnight and Shobhit and I was staring at each other in utter silence. There were no words spoken for the last couple of hours and suddenly, out of nowhere, we could hear some steps. Was it a human? Was it a wild animal? Shobhit started sweating and since I was the elder one there, I had to somehow hide my nervousness and pretend to be calm but inside I was terrified more than him. We were now hearing those steps for the past four minutes but could not see a single soul. Slowly, the sound of these steps was loud and so was our heartbeat. Our heartbeats were so loud that we could hear each other’s heartbeat at one point in time. As the steps came closer, we decided to run away as no person was visible and we assumed the steps to be of a wild beast. We came out sprinting from the tree and bushes around and found an old man covered in leaves. He was carrying a torch and giving us a death stare. By his attire, we could easily guess that he belonged to a local tribe and was here to take us to his master and get us into submission. But as dark our expectations were, the reality came out to be on a brighter side. The old, tribal man turned out to be of great help to us.

We could not talk anything still he clearly understood that we have been cut off from the world. He instantly offered us fruits considering us to be hungry. Though we were initially reluctant to accept the kindness considering it may have poison or something but our hunger got the better of us. We accepted the fruit from him. Also, he took us to his hut to shelter us. He lived all by himself in that entire part of the island. The next morning, he showed us our way back to the mainland of the island where there was life. He gave us lots of local fruits to eat and satisfy our hunger.

The lost and found journey was very inspiring for me and my brother, Shobhit as we learned to not lose our cool in the toughest of the situations, no matter what. We experienced that one man was living in the entire village on his own and was still smiling. He had only fruits to eat and leaves to cover his body and yet was eager to help anybody who was lost. A truly inspiring and learning experience my Lakshadweep trip was.


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