//The lost world!!

The lost world!!

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“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”
Rahul was innocent child,a son  of highly qualified parents, he was a bright student ,,always carried a sweet smile on his face which made others happy…
But,last week I met Rahul after 2years and he was not the same boy. I could feel something was wrong, I could  read his disturbing mind, I could see the pain in his eyes, He was lost…
I decided to meet him, tried to find out what was troubling him,what was bothering him,,
Rahul was my neighbour, he very often use to come to solve his queries ,he was so kind and had a passion of doing different things..
For some reason we shifted new place,and we didn’t had any connection between us.
But, when I met him yesterday..I was shocked to see him..to know what was wrong with him I visited his house and I couldn’t feel the floor down under my feet.. I came to know Rahul lost his parents in an accident, for which he was carrying a guilt in his heart as that night he saw his parents were very tired but he asked them to  take him to watch animated movie,Rahul never before had demand for anything,so his parents  planned to join him and on the way their car met an accident ,and his parents left him lonely forever ,,
His grandparents were taking care of him,they said Rahul has stopped smiling,he hardly speak,he sits in his parents room and try to feel their presence touching their belongingness,he was Just 8 years old boy, who was under depression..
I couldn’t stop my tears,I slowly opened the door of his room and said Rahul, We are here for some reason,God has a plan for all of us,We have a purpose for our life,if you will stay like this ,who will take care of your Grandparents?? 
Do you think they are happy to see you like this ??
You are the beautiful flower of their garden,they want to see you blooming with different colours of success,they want to feel the fragrance of their childhood, they want to see you growing as they saw your father ,,you are the only lifeline for your grandparents !!
Come out of it,Life is eagerly waiting for your smile,you have the best  that people love to see..
He came running and hugged me and cried a lot,, I was speechless that day,several questions in my mind was spinning like a top,whether he will be able to accept the truth? Whether he will be able to come out of his loneliness,,
And was wondering how such incidents in our life takeaway our happiness, some come out of it,some cannot.. but just prayed to God that no one should ever be left alone in this world,yes the whole world cannot be yours but,for every child Parents are only his  whole world!!
Hope Rahul find happiness in this Lost World!!


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