//The man whose name is ‘Love’

The man whose name is ‘Love’

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It was Valentine’s Day again – that time of year when couples went the extra mile to make their special one feel happy and loved. The old man saw the same thing year after year and he wondered why people limited the celebration of love to just one day in the year. As he staggered towards the gates of his church that morning, he thought about that four-letter word. LOVE… The whole world seemed to chase after it but very few realized its importance.

From the time he was a kid he had been taught to love and care for those around him. It seemed simple at first. All he had to do was smile and be polite to everyone. Till he realized that’s not what love was.

As he knelt down to pray, he remembered what his pastor told him 50 years ago on his wedding day. ‘Love is putting someone else’s needs before your own. Love is knowing someone isn’t perfect but still accepting them because you realize that you aren’t perfect yourself. Love is being willing to sacrifice something you love for the sake of others.’

Tears filled his eyes as he looked up and saw the cross. God’s sacrifice for us whom He loves!

His mind raced with thoughts. People around him grumbled everyday about the world becoming eviler, but no one seemed to be doing anything to make it a better place. He had just heard about a man was beaten to death on a train just because he requested another passenger to share her seat with his wife who was carrying their two-year old child in her arms. What did one gain from such cruel acts? It came down to two things. Love – putting the other person’s needs before theirs or Hate – taking away the life of a man who had not harmed them in anyway.

‘The world needs more loving people’, he thought to himself as he pulled out some change for the beggar at the gate. He had learnt to express his love through such small acts of kindness. After-all, love is not love if it is not unconditional.

As he stopped to buy a bunch of roses for his wife, he thanked God for her. 50 years had passed since they had exchanged vows and he cherished every moment with her. They had their ups and downs but they got through it, and when anyone asked him how they were still together, he simply told them it was because they were bound. By what you may ask? By that man on the cross whose name is ‘Love’.




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