//The Perfect blend!

The Perfect blend!

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Life is so unfair sometimes. We all have faced situations we never wanted to be . It feels, it would be better if everyone in this planet vanished and only you and your love stayed. But what if it’s not your true love? “Long distance relationship is a waste of time! I would rather date a person whom I can talk to daily”, said Sophie lying on her couch. “Look whose talking. You never wanted to be in a relationship, did you? And now you’re so sluggish that no one will ever come to you” , Mia said as she picked up her bag. “I am never going to share my problems with you ever again. And even if I do not about love. Good bye”, she said storming to the main door. “Mia wait!”, Sophie tried to explain but all in vain. Sophie and Mia had been bestfriends since childhood. They were always there for one another. Unless a few months back when Mia found her ideal mate. Sophie always avoided relationships and moreover ‘long distance relationships’. But Mia was into it already. Nothing could be done. They would frequently fight. And Sophie would always ruin Mia’s mood. Once Sophie was alone in her room when her doorbell rang. She looked up at the clock. It was 10pm. “Whom could it be? Is it Mia?” She opened the door. It was Mia! “Hey Sophie. This is my boyfriend, I mean my fiance Jack. And Jack this is my best friend Sophie “, introduced Mia. “Hi, Sophie”, said jack. Sophie looked at Jack with a feeling of disgust.” Umm..Hi, it’s so pleasant see you”, she said. “Come inside, feel at home.””Sophie I have to tell you something important. Jack and I are getting married next week!”, exclaimed Mia. “Oh wow! That’s so good”,said Sophie in a rather indifferent way. “What’s the matter , Sophie? You look sad “,asked Mia. “Actually this guy called Alister proposed me last night. I don’t know what to do!” “OMG Alister, the one with hazel eyes and all the girls are behing him?!” “Yes”, Sophie said reluctantly. ” Sophie what’s wrong with you? This is your chance. Accept his proposal. You both will look great together!” “Yeah but..” “No buts. Just accept him”, forced Mia. Soon Sophie started dating Alister. To her suprise it actually worked out. She was really surprised to find love has its own pros and cons. They were together for an year. Untill last summer, when it was time for Alister to leave the city. “Are you going forever”, cried Sophie. “I will be back soon”, he said. Days went by, there was not a single call from Alister. Whenever she called he would hang up and text her that he is busy, and when she replied he would just ignore it. Sophie knew what she was going through. She began to think her heart was meant to be broken.

She couldn’t bear it anymore. She straight away went to Mia’s home. She rang the door. No one answered. She turned the door knob. It was surprised to find it open. She slowly entered the house. It was pitch dark. “M-mia..?”, She murmured. Then suddenly, the lights turned on and the scence came as a bombshell! Mia and Jake were standing infront of her. She never expected this suprise. “Sophie”,said Jack,”we wanted to suprise you for you never believed in true love nor in long distance relationships. Mia and I just wanted to let you know that true love exists. “What about your job?!”, asked Sophie. “The training ended yesterday, I missed you for real. But according to our plan I was not supposed to see you.”,answered Jack. “Omg! Thank you for all this. Now I think true love does exist. I have always been criticising it and now when I myself experience I know the worth of it.”, She said crying. This is just too perfect for her.

Love is the purest. The one who judges more, loves less. The best proof for love is trust. It’s better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. 😉


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