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The real Devotee

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A two stored apartment,in it’s top floor on the table a mobile phone is ringing in a silent mode.People expected to take the call are in the kitchen now,the man of the house is busy to cut the vegetables on the kitchen table & the wife standing in front of the open window,her steady stare falls upon the crowd of the open road .The food inside the cook r is supposed to be came out of the cooker by making a shrieking whistle.Husband:”Ashma! where’s your mind at”!!( turning off the stove while placing the cooker in some cooler place near to the water).Wife:(turning into her husband) we could bring him in the Dargah!,couldn’t we”!??.Husband:(transfer food in the plate)”we’ve seen,that lot of renown ed doctors has been failing in the process” and this conversation proceeds a little longer.The ongoing discussion is pointed to the person who has been laying at the very near room where only light is shown is coming from the television .A blurred yellow eyes of an eight year old boy is watching it hopelessly.

the husband,Suleman is considered as a father now who holds his son with both of his hands upto his waist and standing in a line of a ticket counter of a railway station.There’s no place is counted as a vacant one in the whol station area,it is fully crowed by the people.Meanwhile the gentleman inside the small caged window of an ticket counter asked him,”what happen to your child”??,Suleman replied,”suffering from fever,taking medicines though,but s ill no sign of a positive feedback! so we thought going to the Dargah would be more effective in a spiritual aspect”,the gentleman handover the tickets to the father.It’s very hard to breathe properly in this waves of crowd which actually has pushed Suleman & his son forward in spite of their intention,hard situation for any individuals.But this never defeated willing of Suleman holds his son a little higher from the crowd to make him breath clearly and are trying to get he right train,at the same time,on the other side of the platform,another train waiting to go Gangasagar. This wave of crowd insists them to the other side & unfortunately get the wrong train to the Gangasagar. There’s no one in the crowd who could listen Suleman’s voice of protest.Now passengers of this very train including Suleman and his son are going for the one destination Gangasagar. Suleman haven’t got any seats inside only the corridor has been left for them with other devotee sadhus.All the devotees are chanting for their god to revive the strength of their holy journey & rejuvenating the concentration of the other travellers. Suleman’s son has slept already,now he can raise his sight to the fro t door which isn’t occupied by the crowd but not supposed to lean on that side,metaphorically it is very similar with is everyday life.The sadhu sited just beside of him,after knowing his current situation advised him to change the tra n in the next platform,in the mean time one of the devotee has found a quieter place in the bunker for his son,so Sole an’s son could sleep properly and by time to time Suleman manages his son to take medicines.

Incidently both of this train has stopped in a signal somewhere in the middle of the next platform.The devo ees around Suleman had encouraged him to change the train for Dargah.But Suleman didn’t find a open door to get i to,it seems the police force has closed every single way of the train to the dargah,expecting a religious riots near the rea.Suleman finally has came back to his periviouly attending train.By looking SAuleman’s heartbraking situation,th sadhu beside him suggested,”if he prays Allah by heart then he could possibly find him in Gangasagar too”.The after noon sun has gone to end of the western horizon & the train has arrived on the destination.From Kolkata station all t e devotees agree to reach gangasagar by walking,but they suggested Suleman to take bus for his son’s poor health.Siting in the bus,Suleman feels that if he has taken a righteous path already then why does his mind is in conflict and w at if he denied the way of Allah through this journey.Actually the aftermath of his son’s suffering since the couple of month made him shaken from soul. Suleman has chosen the path with rest of the other devotees by walking down the road towards Gangasagar. For him it’s like an journey from an immense pressure to the enlighten road towards an infinite source of energy which even enlighten his soul too.In the possibility of happening a religious riot in the local area,government has shut down the electricity of the whole community.In this walk Suleman finds his son a little energetic & going along side with the thousands of prayers shouted for him.How do these devotees look alike,what do the wear ..all of these questions aren’t recognize in this dark,enlighten ocean of faiths,all they have common is their pray rs meant to be heard all together.

The ghats of Ganges are illuminated by the candles flowing down the rive ,supposed to carry prayers of the devotees.Most of them are involved themselves by bathing in it.The clothes & the outer look of Suleman,holding his poor son’s hand are no longer hidden to people around the nearer ghats.Instead of looking with hesitation is coming out of few people,Suleman starts to wash his son’s feet in the Ganga. At this very moment,a fine young devotee wearing a saffron dhoti just has finished his bath & looks at them.Coming out of the water this fine young man stopped front of Suleman(pleased by their devotion) & proposed them to take a clean bath in the holy Ganges. Suleman replied,”I can get into the water,but whose gonna hold my son then?!!”.After getting to now their problem,this young man(sadhu) said,”why did you choose to get in here!without get into the hospital!!”.T e young fellow looks a little disturbed now.He hold both of their hand & bring them out from the Mela to the main road.

Finding no other hospital in the local,this young fellow has brought them together into a local doctor.Following the words of that young man Suleman has entered into the premises which is subjected to call “camps for Non residential People”(sculptured above the gate).Instead of a long queue,the patients are there in a scattered or very ran om manner and there’s no doubt of denying on their critical diseases(like Malaria,Cholera etc) spreads all over their body.Before going any further Suleman has seen through the closed door(which supposed to be opened just before the entered) the young sadhu got involved into a ‘situation’ with the guards of that very camp.This young fellow is shouting,”Guards are ordered not to open the gate,if you have any proof of your identification,show it to them.Otherwise y u both will treat as the people staying in the camps”.This chaotic situation hasn’t got overlooked by the doctor of the very camp,so he grabbed Suleman’s son & by forcefully injected some medicine(seemed like this sort of situation is very common to the doctor as happening everyday),the son has fallen into the ground & eyes got closed.

Now this whole messed up situation got under control by transferring father & his son to the state Hospital ause the disciplinary committee of that camp scared to death that if the situation would get out of their hand,the condition of the people inside the camp would get out to the world outside,which should be very dangerous not only for them,for the government too.The hospital got everything happen to that son under controlled through a successful rendition of an operation,which later cured his terminal illness and while this process was going on his father went to his ho e & collected every essential proof of their nationality or citizenship.The father & the son came out of the danger.Only thing wouldn’t come out is the situation of the people inside the camp.



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