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A story on addiction
Written by ✒ Shivaani Ravichandran

Once upon a time there lived a lovable family under the hills, their occupation was agriculture and cattle rearing. On every beautiful mornings they have their breakfast together ,dad, mom, and their two little daughters. They never forget to have milk and honey for thier breakfast, as it is easily available for them ,after they have their breakfast there will be some spilled honey on their wooden table.(as this scene goes on lets blur this scene, and focus on other incidence and daily life struggles happening in the same house)
There was a parade of red ants, marching towards the spilled honey, there was a leader ant who guides them and leads the pathway to find food everywhere.
Everyday these ants had the spilled honey and go to other places to find other foods.
We all know that there will be atleast one naughty, one disobedient in our gang, who never listens to The elder’s advice And always tries to break the rules, same here! There was one naughty ant who really loved the taste of the honey and wanted to have more and more.
One fine day he decides to sneak out and find more honey, he walked alone searched honey everywhere arround the house and finally he found the ” golden jar” (actually the jar was transparent, but as it was filled with honey, it looked like a golden jar for him)
This naughty ant climbed on top of the jar but fell down, he tried climbing but fell down again and again
He was not successful and went back very disappointed! And this continued for several days.
And there arrived the lucky day for him , the two little daughters in the house, have left the honey jar open after their breakfast, Mr naughty ant saw this and got extra motivated as the honey jar was already open,
It seemed as if the honey jar was waiting for him.
He climbed fast and reached the brim of the jar,
It was literally the phrase ” heaven on earth “ for him.
He drank as much as he can and filled his stomach with honey and his heart with happiness.
But his whole body became sticky as he was drenched with honey inside and outside .
He was not able to move further, but he did not seemed worried about it, because all he could see and taste was only honey! The love for honey blinded his further vision.
Suddenly a voice in the house, the mother yells “who left the honey jar open? “ she closed the jar as she murmured “these girls never listens to me, they never put back things in to places” .
Now Mr. Naughty ant who was so blinded by the love for honey, before he could realise that he would possibly die now he fell down from the brim in to the pool of honey and died out of suffocation.
The same sweet honey turned out to be the poison for him. Maybe we should not blame the honey but the ant’s addiction towards it.
The take home message from this story is

Just like smoking even addiction kills!

Never get addicted to anything! It can be a person or a thing for example mobile addiction, even addiction towards your loved ones.
Addiction suffocates us and possibly leads to the end.

Everything must be within the limits.
Even if it is love, overdosage is just not right!

There is a tamil proverb “அளவுக்கு மீறினால் அமிர்தமும் நஞ்சு”.
Everything beyond the limit becomes the poison that kills!

Always listen to the elders as they have more life experiences than us. Listen and follow their foot steps.

  • Live , love, laugh. Enjoy life,
    but never get addicted to anything!
    Thank you for reading
    Written  by ✒ Shivaani Ravichandran ©



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