//The Unblessed Success

The Unblessed Success

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She stood in front of the mirror staring at her dusky skin and her de-shaped body.

‘It is so obvious that I am not lovable. I don’t look beautiful and I am no brilliant in studies too.’

This was the statement of a 15-year-old girl, with a beautiful and brilliant 14-year-old sister. Every relative, every teacher and all the friends in her neighborhood were so attracted to Tisha that they hardly noticed Shikha was also there. Shikha had now accepted her fate and agreed that she would never be worth something in life. Everyone in the family and society kept comparing her to Tisha and looked down upon her.

As said by every Indian parent, this year was the most important year in Shikha’s life. Her 10th boards were due in just a month. But she was not interested in it. She knew nothing good was going to happen. But they say the night is the darkest just before the dawn and the dawn was here with uncle Harsh. When no one paid attention to Shikha he was the only one talking to her and asking about her day. But today he was here to tell her something else.

Uncle Harsh was the least educated among all his siblings but the most successful businessman of them all. He was not good looking, he was not highly educated and he was fat too but everybody loved him including Shikha. Today he was here to tell Shikha the secret of his life.

‘I have no control over how I look and I cannot work on my education too because I have responsibilities. Rather than cribbing on what I cannot control, I have chosen to focus my energy on the things I can. One of which is hard work. No one can take away my hard work and determination power from me. If I want something I will never back out until I get it. And the second is my behavior. I will always be good and kind to others. this is the mantra of my life and I try my best to follow it every day. No matter what the world says I believe in myself.’

Uncle Harsh had done his part and though Shikha did not totally agree with him she did decide to follow it. This year was the first time Shikha scored an above-average grade. No one appreciated her marks even today but she happily sent her report to uncle Harsh who sent her back a lot of appreciation in the form of a beautiful book by Dale Carnegie.

Shikha had learned to believe in herself and so she decided to pursue a career that none of her family members agreed to. She started design school. She was an ok artist and had no special skills for it. All she had was her belief and determination of power. After 5 years of intense hard work she topped her school and grabbed assistantship with the biggest designer in the city.

Today Shikha is the most popular designer in the city. Nothing happens overnight but hard work and belief can make miracles happen.




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