//The Unknown Impact – When a Motivational Speaker needs Motivation

The Unknown Impact – When a Motivational Speaker needs Motivation

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“The rest of your life is going to be the best of your life” declared Joe as he concluded his speech at a convention which left him with cheers, applause and a standing ovation. As a motivational speaker, there’s nothing more he could have asked for as chants of ‘Speak some more’ erupted from the audience.

But, in a short while after leaving, Joe parked his car by the river-bridge and he was about to jump and end his life! Just then, a voice called out “Don’t jump!” As he looked back, he saw his old classmate running toward him and exclaimed “Sam?” Sam was shocked and exclaimed, “Oh my GOD! Joe! It’s you? – What happened, man?” “No Sam” replied Joe, “I give up on life!” “But, why?” asked Sam in shock, “You’re doing so incredible in life. As a classmate, you have made us proud; you are an inspiration to all of us! You are living a life which most people only wish for.” “I don’t know” Joe responded in a tone of unbelief to which Sam continued, “You have a huge following, you rock the stage everywhere and people across the globe are finding hope and encouragement through you. If you yourself give-up, what impression will this give them?”

Joe responded by saying, “Yes, I have a huge fan base, but I have no friends to turn to; I have thousands cheering my name one minute but the next minute I am so lonely with no one to talk to. On the outside I am building people up while on the inside I am being torn apart. I am boosting people’s hope but I feel I am just a worthless dope. I don’t think I am really making any difference in this world” “Joe, I know this is hard” replied Sam, “But giving up is not the solution. You have to go on and trust me; one day you will be amazed by the number of lives you have transformed”. As Sam kept encouraging him, Joe’s countenance slowly changed and Sam gave him a hug and said, “Come, let’s go and have some tea”.

Soon, they were at a café and while Joe was sipping tea, he was interrupted by a young lady who said, “Joe! I can’t believe it’s you!” and continued as she took a seat by the duo, “I am Elaine Zinger”. “The Miss Universe 2020?” interrupted Sam. “Yes I am” she continued “and it’s all because of Joe!” “Me?” explained Joe who seemed confused. “Yes” she stated, “I was about to end my life when I heard your inspirational message which transformed me…” and narrated a heartwarming story of how Joe’s inspirations helped her. “I have no words to thank you for the impact you have made in my life – I am living because of you” she said in the end as she took leave and Sam took the opportunity to tell Joe, “See Joe, I was right. You have no idea of the impact you are making!”


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John Giftah is an Aerospace Engineer/ Author/ Inspirational Speaker/ Youtuber and Evangelist based in Bangalore, India.

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