//THE Valentine’s Day

THE Valentine’s Day

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14th February. Like everyone else, Rehan was also waiting for the day to celebrate with his love Sakshi. As the hands of the clock met at night he called her.

“Happy Valentine’s Day love.”
“Happy Valentine’s Day baby. Don’t make any plan for tomorrow. I want to celebrate the day with you.” She replied.
What makes any relationship stronger is the amount of time and attention you give to your partner because that’s the only thing which you will not have in future. So, Sakshi wanted to make the most out of the day which could be possibly best for both of them.

In the morning, next-day, she called him outside his house. They hugged each other and grabbed the cab, she has already booked for the day. Rehan was thinking she might take him to their all-time favourite cafe. But for his surprise, she stopped the car near the chai tapari where Rehan mostly came for breakfast. She signalled the person working at that place. He came with tea and famous tarri poha in a plate where on another hand he has a plate in which a rose, chocolate and a greeting card was present. Rehan was blushed, as it was observed from his cheeks turning red, after seeing this. Sakshi insisted Rehan to read that card. He read it:
The rose will get shrivel tomorrow, but its essence lasts forever, I want you to be mine as that forever. 
The chocolate you may end up eating today itself, but its sweetness we remember for long, I want our life journey together as sweet as that. 
I promise you that in any situation of life I will not let you down or left your hand.’
Rehan got too emotional after reading this that he hugged her tightly kissing her forehead he said, “I promise you the same baby.”

After having breakfast, they left for another place. They came to college canteen where his best friends, Amar; Sahil; Prerna & Sumedha were waiting for both of them. She knew that Rehan has very few friends but they meant everything to him like a family. Hence she wanted to spend some time with them too. They greeted each other and sat on the chairs. Sumedha took out a card with a little teddy on it, which was given by Sakshi to her. Rehan read it:
I know your friends mean a lot to you. They are the teddies you wish to be with you all the time. I promise you, I will also treat them as a family as they meant to you.’ 
He knew he hasn’t wasted his 4 years into a relationship with Sakshi when he read this. After all, any relationship wants efforts from both individuals to grow. They had lunch together memorising all the fun they had during college days.

In the evening Sakshi and Rehan left for another place. She stopped the car near the banks of the river under the bridge. It was a quiet place where people came for a walk. She ordered Maggie for both of them from the aunty who runs a small canteen. Aunty came with two bowls of Maggie and another surprise card. Rehan was smiling and read that card:
As this cool breeze is more soothing to the people coming to this place, your loving presence soothes my soul too.
As this cool sun’s rays kissed the people around here, your care & attention kissed my soul too.’
She came near to him, said happy Valentine day dear & kissed him. The drowning sun witnessed the arousing new but true love.

We always expect a boy to do all the things which are necessary for such special days.
What if the girl also takes the same responsibility to celebrate the day? Since in a relationship, there are two people, everyone is an equal contributor and responsible too. If we treat every day as a special day, taking care of each other’s small things, every day is celebrated, every day is Valentine.


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