//Things Will Fall in Place

Things Will Fall in Place

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  1. It is just a phase and you will be fine.
  2. There is nothing as such you are an introvert and you just need to open up to people.
  3. You are thinking too much just be calm.
  4. Maybe you should go out for a vacation or take a break from your daily routine.
  5. Come on you are strong this problem is for weak people.
  6. Don’t think much they are just your thoughts overpowering you.

Rishi was noting down these points while his roommate Abhinav asked him “what’s the plan for dinner tonight?” Rishi did not reply as he was busy revising those points as if he needs to remember them for a long time. Abhinav asked again “What’s the matter buddy”?

“Nothing you go ahead” Rishi replied furiously. Abhinav thought for a while then he came and snatched the piece of paper on which Rishi was focusing since too long.

“What the hell are you doing I have told you not to listen to people they don’t know anything!” Abhinav Exclaimed. “You need to see a psychiatrist or a counselor for god sake” He added further.

Rishi just kept looking at him and then annoyingly said, “I can’t take this anymore Abhinav, people just don’t understand depression and I can’t make them understand what it is because even I don’t know what exactly is happening to me but it is depression for sure”

“You don’t need to explain things to anyone, this should not be your concern if people don’t get things, your responsibility now is to take steps to cure yourself, your responsibility is to help yourself because if you decide you can come out of this, brother depression is not a phase it is just like any other disease which is common and to be honest very common nowadays, some people are just not ready to accept it and they look forward to it as a taboo or something which does not exist. But it doesn’t mean that you will not do anything about it, if you are afraid about what people will say if you go for a treatment then mind you, they don’t even care, they will talk for two days and will forget. But what about your life? What about your health? Don’t you want to be happy? Live life fully? Achieve your goals? What if you take a drastic step because of this? What if I am not there tomorrow and you do something which your loved ones won’t be able to cope up with? I am sure you must be getting suicidal thoughts. Brother say something why are you quiet now? You still have an explanation as to why you can’t go for a treatment?”

As Abhinav said all those things Rishi was taken aback, he said nothing he just went and hugged Abhinav.

The very next day Rishi took an appointment of a known psychiatrist and counselor. He was nervous but he had decided that he needs to prioritize and solve this dilemma which was bothering him since a long time.

It was 2 PM, He reached the clinic, gathered some courage and told the receptionist “I have an appointment with Mr. Abhinav Tripathi.”

Rishi entered the room, looking at him Abhinav was glad and he said “Finally you are here, have a seat, tell me from the beginning, when did you start getting these thoughts, I need to know everything slowly and steadily.”

Rishi told him everything from the beginning, how he left his job, how he became financially weak, why he was not able to follow his passion, and many more troubles and issues which he was going through.

After two hours of this conversation, Abhinav said “We are going to begin a journey towards your new life, we are going to bring you back to what you were before or to say a better and happy version of you which you miss right now Mr. Rishi Malhotra”

For that moment Rishi felt a bit light, a bit less worried, having a ray of hope, a faith which Abhinav gave him.

Rishi believed that he can and will be cured and that was the very first step towards his recovery from depression. He was now sure that eventually things will fall in place.








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I like to write about things which people can relate to. I have published a Poetry book by the name SHE- A Glitter Unaware of her own glow which is available on Amazon and Flipkart. My short story is published on Wattpad by the name "On the Other Side of Rainbow"


  1. ninishita3 February 12, 2020 at 4:38 pm - Reply

    Yes. Things will fall in place, if you take correct steps in time. Depression is by product of stiff competition in today’s world, and many other factors, which make deep impact on emotional upheaval of human being. Many choose to live with the problem and not leave the problem. As rightly pointed out by the author, we should take help without being shy.

  2. Priyanka Godse February 22, 2020 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    Very well written!


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