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The most crowded area is the bus stand. Many people are there
without any sake. Many children try to find out their childhood in
small things like one salesman, a few darogas…buses and
crowds. Their dreams skulk below that crowd even they don’t know
anything..but what I saw between in this situation. One old lady
came in the crowd and she was begging for money and food.
Everyone was refusing her without any cause, she wants to remove
her appetite but nobody hears her voice which is totally disappointed her.
Then one old man who’s set at one chair in the lobby. He calls up her
for giving money. She was tottering and she reached that place
through slow walking. The old man throws a few coins from his side.
I was shocked that why he was behaving like that. I saw a few notches
on her hand because she was suffering from a leper. Her hands were
fingerless at that time my eyes were moisturized and
I wanted to enhance the coins for giving her. she incurred all the
coins after hard work. I smiled and she also smiles for her victory
“Hard work and confidence never break your desire for achievement”


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