//Thoughtful of being a worshiper

Thoughtful of being a worshiper

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The worshiper is someone, “who has religious faith or who has faith in GOD, beautiful concept itself.”
I want to share an interesting incident with a very usual day. When I left the office in the evening and got into the bus around 5:30 PM. I was happy because we took a shorter route. And soon the journey is going to be special! I was listening to the songs and as well as being thoughtful about Life. The bus stopped at the signal and I was just watching and observing things outside the window.

There was a south Indian food shop, small in size and located on the ground floor. A set of stairs was there to go into the shop. On the street nearby that shop small in size Ganesh’s temple, that maybe belongs to the shopkeeper. He must be a worshiper because the offered flowers and prasad are still fresh. I like being a worshiper it helps to connect with God. Moreover, having faith or belief in someone not only brings happiness into your life but also helps to be an optimistic person. Being optimistic allows you to think positively at every stage of your life. As Swami Vivekananda said, ’Being a worshiper and believer will bring God’s presence in the ideal’.

After a while, I saw a bunch of sheep walking on a footpath, and then one of them started eating flowers in the temple. One of the food shop customers saw that and told this to the shopkeeper. He got angry and started throwing them out until they have stopped eating the flowers. Later he took flowers placed them apart from the temple and cleaned the place and asked God to forgive.

I know there is no big deal about it. Isn’t it an ordinary incident right? Why be surprised by such thing right? Ideally, it should not because a shopkeeper trying to protect his temple so, he throws out sheep. But it is a big deal in some way. I don’t want to be judgmental towards the shopkeeper’s act and I am certainly not. He was trying to protect God’s temple where he prays.

I found his act rude towards the sheep. He could have offered some grass or food to sheep. They are just trying to eat. When you pray to God and ask for all good things for your loved ones and yourself. Then you should respect his creation.

“Being a Worshiper” is someone who has religious faith or who has faith in GOD. Respect every creation of God; it will help for achieving every positivity and happiness in your life.

Sometimes while following good paths achieving the great things. When we care for our children, grandchildren, and all our generations. These are our values, our culture, and our community. We have the most diverse culture in the world. The sad thing is we forgot to cherish these good qualities and does not pay respect to other individual or other living creatures such as animal, rivers, trees, and counting….

We have the greatest gift of diversity we should be grateful for it. These not only improve our health, wealth but also make India superpower the dream place of APJ Kalam Sir.

Thoughts Become Things Choose the Good Ones…

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