//True struggle of an Indian girl

True struggle of an Indian girl

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A girl was born in such a family where she has no respect no love and no value. At the time of birth she was said as a stone has come in our home. The day was of Diwali and all were busy in enjoying the festival but the coming of this girl in that day brought a silence in the home. People started saying,’ why not you through this outside the home.”Some saying that you are bad luck. A lot of comments were passed on the girl and she was not given any milk for two days but it was luck of her that she remained alive. The struggle of this girl started from the day of birth and continue till now.                                                                    Her name was Monu and when she grew up then she was sent to a rough government school for study where not a single teacher was in school. The girl said to her parents,” All my friends going to private best school why not me.” The grand father said,” you are a girl and you have to go some other home after marriage then  Why we waste money on your study.” The girl thought that day that one day she will be the unique and proved a example for all girls. In schools, she always came first in all classes.            In College life she also had to face a lot of struggle because her parents didn’t allow to study more but again one professor came ahead and helped her and her parents. The neighbouring also started to pass comments but the girl Monu never listened any and continued her struggle. Then she also topped her college. Now the real struggle started when she asked her parents for going outside the area to prepare for competitive exams and the parents didn’t allowed her. The day also came when she was not given any rupees and she started job in city for her preparation. She passed CISF exam in first attempt and also PCS state. Unfortunately her brother expired and she couldn’t appear in interview and remained unsuccessful. Again people even family members started passing comments on her. She started to think to quit from this world due to her brother death and unsuccessful in life. But again one eminent person met who helped and gave guidance and with that guidance she not only be selected in one but  also cleared more than 25 competitive exams. Now she  selected in india as well as in foreign also and got both gold and silver medal. The day has came now the same people who commented have started to come in her home and to give congratulations to her parents saying that ” you have not a daughter but you have a son.”                                                    The struggle of the girl not end here but she, no doubt, working in home ministry even though she is doing study for making india as a unique in girl education. Her struggle is now for making name and fame of India on the world stage in girls education. She has no brother but all sisters and she always said,we are not girls but boys for our parents. One day I met her and asked ,” what do you think about life,she replied,” Life is struggle and struggle is life. Life without struggle is a dead life”.


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Dr Saroj Monu,, double PhD , working in home ministry department of official language,, kolkata,,gold and silver medalist..35 paper publication.belong to jaipur rajasthan.have more than 12 certificate and deplomas

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