//Victim Of Circumstances

Victim Of Circumstances

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Okay, So my whole school life i was a popular loner . I knew a lot of people and a lot of people knew me, I was cool with the popular kids as well as with the lame nerds as i was very friendly and a forgiving guy , but my friends circle was small and i was usually by myself .

So in eight grade a new kid transferred to our school. A annoying brat who secured 32 negative remarks in the first term , involved in many bullying cases , became the leader of the Lucifer gang (a group which involved all the messed up kids). There was a rumor that he once jumped of the class cupboard and bit our arts teacher in the neck because she had scolded him and he was suspended for 2 weeks. So, he’s the real deal, this guy is the oxford definition of a top level bully.

February 10 , We were taken to Nehru Science Center, Worli for the field visit. I was in my fresh Barcelona T-shirt , eating cotton candy . Everything  was going fine until i sensed a dangerous aura , just as i doubted, it was him , The Bully . So he came up to me with a death stare and guess what , he threw a whole bottle of ink on me . So i started crying, he started apologizing as i was going to complain it to the teacher. But me being a kind soul was eventually going to forgive him later. On my way to meet the teacher i noticed that each and every person surrounding were laughing at me, even Diane my crush was laughing at me considering how much of a coward i was for not retaliating .Guess what, I snapped. Suddenly the situation became very dramatic , a moody dark environment. I grabbed the bully by the neck and challenged him for a fight – “Tomorrow ,after break .” , he accepted – ” as you wish.” he said , and now there was no going back.

Later that night , I thought about the previous incident. I had calmed down and admitted that when i grabbed his neck and challenged him for a fight , revenge was the only motive in my mind . But i gave up that motive as i was always guided by the teachings of a Japanese anime character called ‘ Kakashi Hatake ‘ who taught me to forget about revenge. The fate of those who seek revenge is grim. Its tragic, you will end up suffering and hurting yourself more. Even if you succeed  in getting revenge, the only thing that remains is emptiness. Still i decided to go to school the next day to talk things out with him.

So fight day arrives. Spoiler alert: This encounter was way too dramatic and when i think about it with my current 19 year old sense of humor its very cringe .

So break starts, I was  standing at one end of the play ground , the bully was standing at the opposite end staring at me. The break gets over, the bell rings, students rushing towards their  classroom for the lectures, the surrounding seemed to be in a fast motion , we both started approaching each other in a slow motion with a death stare.  I made the first move and said ” Hey mate, I just wanted to apologize for what happened  yeste…   BANG!  an upper cut towards my face but i managed to dodge it. So this was the moment i realized it was a fight or die situation.  So he started throwing punches and kicks at me, i was able to dodge all of them except one where he threw his handkerchief towards my right side using it as a decoy and BAM! a hit from the left and i went plunging to the ground.

He was about to use his finishing move, he jumped towards me to give the finishing blow and guess what, a nimble dodge and BANG! a sucker punch right through the cheeks. Now he was on the ground kind of unconscious , I  let a sigh of relief. I turned back , slowly started getting up as the fight was over and the beast had been stabilized .

BOY WAS I WRONG!   a aura so strong and dark that i wasn’t able to get up started arising. I  slowly turned back ,it was him .”no way!what is this creature?” i mumbled. I don’t know how and when this guy got a steel scale in his hand , was it black magic or  was he hiding it in pants? i don’t know , but i absolutely knew that this is how i am going to die. He started approaching me , I had accepted defeat “FAREWELL”.

Suddenly a ray of sunshine came from behind, a ray of hope. It was my P.T Teacher. I was saved but we both were given a 2 hour detention in the vice- principals office which was better than getting decapitated by a steel scale .

So now we both had calmed down and had a deep talk in the vice-principals cabin. I wanted and tried to understand why he was such a mess, i asked him why does he bully people, hurting everyone surrounding him. After a deep long talk i came to know that this guy was from a very financially poor background with a abusive drunk father and no mother , with no trustworthy friends as everyone used to ignore him and even the teachers were not appreciating the work he does, he only had revenge in his mind against everyone else . He was basically a VICTIM OF HIS CIRCUMSTANCES the same way i got into this fight is because i was a victim of my circumstances. If he had the privilege of having good parents and trustworthy friends like me who guided me through the darkest times he would not have ended up like this ,when he was stuck in the dark ,he had no one to show him the right path. As we have heard ” The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” I mean just because someone had a sad backstory does not justify their action, it just helps you understand them better, the reasons for their actions.

Okay, so i came up with a speech which i was inspired by watching a Japanese anime called Naruto. So i got up, placed my hands on his shoulders and said :

“Listen mate, learn to forgive.I know many people have hurt you, so you took revenge against them and considered it as justice, then these people hurt you again as for they what they did is justice. The problem is we human beings take vengeance in the name of justice, but if one comes to call vengeance as justice , this justice will only create further vengeance and triggers a vicious cycle of hatred. Your only focus must be your life. Just work hard to make your life successful , but i know at times hard work doesn’t pays off as you cannot control each and every factor in the universe. You cannot control what other people do, but you can control what you do.  So what you can do is put in all your efforts to make things happen, but still at the end of the day ,calm down and say : “oh well, whatever happens,happens.”

Okay , so at this moment i was expecting a punch in the face, but nope, he got up, gave me fist bump, smiled and left the room. That was the last time i interacted with that guy as he was transferred to a different school and remembering the smile he gave me at the end, i am affirmative that he had changed.

And that’s how my dramatic school fight came to an end. CRINGE.





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