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One night, Priya ran away from home, the day her parents had decided to get her married. Her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears.

Priya was in grade 8 and attended the local municipal school. She was allowed to attend school on the grounds of completing the household chores. She daily faced abuse and physical torture at the hands of her step-mother. Her father had no stand of his own, so Priya never looked upon him for any support.

That night, she slept in the field far away from the village.

At dawn, she headed to the police station and waited for Inspector Malini.

Inspector Malini was Priya’s idol, ever since she took charge of her village in Bihar. Malini was an orphan but a true professional and did full justice to her uniform. Off-duty, Malini helped in creating awareness among women on various issues. Every woman in the village looked upon her as their mentor.

Priya stood up, on seeing Malini marching in. She waited for Malini to settle down before addressing her concerns.

Priya walked towards Malini and burst into tears.

“Madamji, my parents want to get rid of me by getting me married. I want to study and become like you,” she said in a choked tone.

Malini was shocked at hearing those words coming out from that young girl. She consoled her, “Don’t worry dear, I’ll talk to them. You are still a minor. No one can go against the law.”

Before she could complete, Priya interrupted, “I don’t want to go back to them. It’s a nightmare staying there.”

“Ok, tell me one thing, why do you want to become like me?” Malini questioned out of curiosity.

Priya fumbled, “It’s ..it’s because you are a Warrior! You fight for justice.”

Just then Priya’s parents barged into the police station and pulled her. Priya moved away.

Inspector Malini tried to convince her parents, but they insisted on getting her married off.

Malini flew into a rage, “Enough of your nonsense! You must be familiar with the slogan ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padao’ and not ‘Beti ko Bagao’. If you can’t stand by her, I will. I’ll see to it that she fulfills her dreams. She doesn’t deserve to be your daughter.”

Priya’s parents stormed out of the police station hurling abuses at her.

Priya hugged Malini for she knew her life was secure.

Inspector Malini and Priya began a new journey together.

Priya was enrolled in an English medium school at a distant location. She was overwhelmed to be guided by Malini and drew inspiration from her.

Two years later, one day, Priya received the news that Malini was martyred during an encounter with the terrorists. Her world came to a grinding halt.

She gathered strength from Malini’s words, “Be a warrior, never run away from your duties!”

Scholarships and part-time jobs helped Priya financially to complete her graduation. But her dream was yet to be fulfilled! After several attempts, she cleared the UPSC exam.

Her dream of becoming an IPS officer was accomplished. Her first salute was at Malini’s picture.

Over a time, Priya was excelling as a Police Officer. She was credited for killing several criminals in encounters, but her main target was out in the open: Malini’s killers.

One day, she got a tip-off about Malini’s perpetrators. Priya and her team got into action. After a few encounters, they were all shot dead.

Priya headed towards Malini’s grave, placing the pistol down, she spoke sentimentally , “Didi, I fulfilled my promise. RIP now!”

Their actions spoke for themselves, ‘Warriors are not born, they are made”.







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A civil engineer who gave up her career to be a caring wife and hands on mother to her daughter, Dhanya Sunil believes adversities of life made her stronger. She wheeled to writing as a stress buster which in turn made her pen down stories, poems and write-ups. Her newfound ability gave her wings to explore different emotions and connect with people, nature and every beautiful thing around. She believes in the saying, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’. Her story has been featured in two books, 'An anthology of short stories ‘The Storytellers’ Series 1: A Season of Love’ and 'Reflection', which is available on Amazon. Her articles and blogs are available on www.agnibhoomi.com, www.writesdesk.in., Woman's era and www.timesofindia.com. She writes motivational stories for the Potboiler app.

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