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What Is Life?

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What is life? Each one of us have a different perception on what life is!

To start with, I grew up in an independent home till I completed my schooling. Later we, myself, my sister, parents and grand-mom, moved to a flat, during 2004, to pursue my college just to make my commute easier.

Having spent many years in an independent home, this flat culture was totally new and a bit hard to make it a routine – we had to wait for the common motors for water, we had to find parking place for our vehicle and, we had to depend/wait on someone or the other for fulfilling our routine tasks like drying clothes and so on.

As days passed by, our fondness towards this flat culture started increasing, our acquaintances became well known friends and the friends circle became more and annual days and funs and what not!

But, passage to all this was through our immediate neighbor aunty – Poongodhai Aunty. Poongadhai aunty is a very jovial person and also a person with excellent networking skills 😃

There can’t be anyone within our apartment, who is not her acquaintance 😉, starting from residents to watchman, plumbers, electrician, iron-man and the list is indeed a big one! Poongodhai aunty’s sister, Saraswathi aunty, also resides in the same apartment, next block – we are in block 40 and she is in block 41. Our collaboration glued and turned to be more of family types and we, me and my sister started accompanying Poongodhai aunty to the temple (she visits this temple very frequently), for major poojas and festivals and not restricting the bond to temples, this aunty soon became referee to our sibling fights too 😲

One good day, this aunty asked me to go with her to Saraswathi Aunty’s flat, just like that. Very keen to visit Poongodhai aunty’s sister, whom I assumed, would be same as Poongodhai aunty types and walked to the next block.

After formal introductions, where I gave in all normal info, Saraswathi aunty introduced me to her 2 daughters, who are elder to me. To my shock, both the sister were a bit differently abled – they needed support to walk, and yet both are degree holders and give tuition to primary class children. And to my bigger disbelief (wondering if God really exist) there was another elder sister who was totally disabled, she needed assistance for anything and everything – aunty should feed her, take her to toilet and clean her, and also bath her. This, made me dumb for the rest of my time there ☹

But, Saraswathi aunty was neither depressed nor sad and she is not anything less than an energetic aunty, who keeps smiling and receives everyone with happiness. After this, I used to go visit her every weekend, to talk to her and those akkas (elder sister in Tamil language). She constantly encouraged me to study more, be self-dependent, go-to work, not to be troublesome kid to my mom, who was also a working woman then.

Till date, she is the most strongest person I ever encountered – because, being a widow and with her husband’s pension as the only source of income, she never blamed anyone including God for being a mother of these three akkas (now only 2, the elder akka passed away 5 years back, during 2015), never showed any signs of frustration, angst, or any negative gesture!! I still wonder how she would have taken care of these kids, educate them, graduate them all by herself.

Now, for those of us who think we are the most suffering candidates, we are the only ones with problems and that our kids don’t listen to us, our boss tortures us, our 8% hike is not enough, wives are not in our control, husbands don’t listen etc – Honestly, i don’t think it is worth to torment ourselves with such thoughts, when one aunty is capable of handling her complete disordered life with all positivity, it is actually doable for many of us out there!!

Life is seriously beautiful, all that we need to do is, to look at life in the right direction!


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