//What it was……

What it was……

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A pair of bulbuls assembled a nest on a shrub in our lawn and laid eggs.With time, two chicks came out.Now the process of searching food and feeding the young birds started . Sometimes, it is the turn of male bird and sometimes of female.And the baby birds used to wait eagerly for the feed with their eyes closed but their beaks opened . Beautiful scene used to frame.

Today, I was roaming in the courtyard and a beautiful butterfly attracted my attention. The butterfly was very pretty and I was enjoying her beauty. Oh my goodness, what I saw was the bulbul is staring at the butterfly. It fluttered quickly towards the butterfly to catch her.Before it could, I scared the bird with a loud clap and flown it away.In this very time ,butterfly also escaped.

This incident led me into deep dilemma that, was it a virtue of saving butterfly’s life or was a sin of depriving young birds of their food.


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