//What Motivates You?

What Motivates You?

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What is the thing that motivates you?
Why do you people need motivation?
Why do you want someone to motivate you?
Do you think? The person motivates you, have also learned from himself.

Whenever you want to be succeeded in life you feel like that someone should be there to motivate you. Someone should be with you to fill you with positive energy or something should happen to you that makes your mindset to achieve your goal.

Do you know?

Your motivation is all about you and your experience and encounter with different phases of life.

It was a usual day of the sizzling June and it was approximately mid of the day. When the sun was at its peak and the temperature was hitting 49-degree celsius. It takes a long walk to reach my home so, to avoid that hot waves and exhaustion I just thought to take rikshaw. As soon as I took rikshaw, I found the man pulling it was drenched in sweat but he kept pulling it and that left a question in my mind. So I asked that man, “It is very tough to pull rickshaw in this scorching hot summer but you do it regularly without complaining, so What is the thing that motivates you to do this much hard work?”

His response made me left amazed. A man can take inspiration from anywhere, he doesn’t need anyone else to inspire him to do something in life, he replied with a smile.

He said ” Whenever I go home back I find my children happy and doing their enjoyments and other works like study or sharing their own views in their age group. I find my wife maintaining the house in a very well mannered way and fulfilling each and every requirement of the house with the earned money, and her smiling face makes me jovial and I feel happy from bottom of my heart. My family Shares a good bond among all the members, and I want them to see in the happiness and peaceful condition, so Sir this is the thing that motivates me to do all this tough work that seems tough but my motivation makes it easy because that motivation fills me up with new energy all the time when I think about them. This incident gave a life learning lesson to me and I found that moment best ever a motivational incident and proved life-changing. Later the incident I stopped procrastinating things and started doing them as required.

‌So the dear people you also need not something or someone to motivate you for your work your job or goal to achieve or complete. If you want to motivate yourself just look inside you. I’m pretty sure you will find plenty of things that will motivate you in different ways. Your motivation is all about you, the one who can motivate you that person is YOU. The person you are looking for motivation is inside you just need to explore yourself and bring that motivator out of you.


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