//What the heart wants

What the heart wants

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What the heart wants

It was a beautiful Spring day in Kolkata. Rohini Banerjee was standing in the Golpark bus-stop. Buses came and went, busy commuters pushed her a few times, but she didn’t feel perturbed. In fact, she didn’t feel anything at all. An hour had passed after Sandip had broken up with her and yet she stood like a statue, numbness spreading all over her. Rohini was about to take a bus to her office when Sandip had made the call.

It was a six years relationship that was all over with this unexpected morning call. She had heard the words but couldn’t respond. “Look, I don’t feel we are compatible at all! I am really sorry Rohini…I can’t continue this relationship.”

But really was this unexpected? For about a year Rohini had felt that her beau was either giving one excuse or the other. She had seen Sandip and Anuradha smiling and eyeing each other, many a times! But she had never raised a suspicion to him or even to herself! Often we feel that by ignoring an issue we can safely bypass it. But that’s what never happens in life. The submerged problem rises up and takes us along with it to the deeper waters. That’s what just happened with her.

Rohini returned home at mid-morning. Her mother was surprised. “What happened? Are you alright?” Without a reply, she entered her room, shut the door and slumped on the bed in her office clothes.

When Rohini woke up it was past five. She washed her face and gorged the sandwiches her mother handed to her.

“What’s the matter? Will you tell me?”
“We have broken up!”
“Yes, you heard it right!”

Without replying, Rohini left the apartment. Aimlessly she crossed the road and stepped inside the Ravindra Sarovar. The fresh air, lush green and deep waters calmed her restless soul. Evening walkers were strolling. It was becoming dark and several couples were cozying up.

Rohini took a deep breath. Yes, Sandip had left her for another woman and so what? That man controlled her life completely. She would have to take permission for even simple things! The relationship had become toxic and suffocating for her. She started counting her blessings. She had so much in her life. She had so much of life in her. For the first time in life, she realized what her heart really wanted!

Suddenly the phone buzzed. It was Sandip. Rohini took the call.
“Darling, I am sorry! Please forgive me for what I have said this morning. I am so much stressed all the time. You know how much pressure they give me at office…”
“Don’t be sorry!”
“I knew it! I knew my Ruhi will accept me!
“I am not accepting you.”
‘Yes, that’s right!
“Ruhi please. You are angry…..”
“You know what? All this time I was angry at myself! Because you controlled me and I couldn’t refuse! Every time you lied, I didn’t object! I was annoyed at myself for not telling you that I knew what’s going on between you and Anuradha!”
“What?! You think I….I am dominating and I am a liar and a cheater..?”
“Yeah! I think so!”
“YOU ARE WRONG! And there’s nothing between me and…!”
“I am absolutely right! And I don’t need an explanation.”
“Ruhi, you got it wrong! Anuradha and I are just friends!”
“Oh, really? Or did she just friend zoned you?! Listen, it’s over!”

Rohini disconnected the call and with a wide grin jumped in the air! Astonished bystanders kept staring.


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