//When Desire met Need

When Desire met Need

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I used to travel back home from my office by the train at 7 pm. While walking toward the crowded railway station, I rarely got to see a man distributing food to the beggars at the far end of the railway station. At first I just thought some men probably from the charities and NGO’s were helping these poor people. After several days, I realized that it was the same man coming to the station and that too everyday. I was wondering why he was helping them. His looks were neither of the rich nor the poor. Being born and brought up in the middle class family and surrounded by mostly middle class people, I knew too well that our ultimate motive is to save money. Our mindset is more inclined towards spending money to obtain immutable wealth so that it would help us in the future. My generation guys had an extra motive to enter the rich people category. We had always yearned for luxury which our parents thought was forbidden for the middle class. So out of curiosity I decided to talk to this guy one day.

Today I left from the office a bit early, so that I could meet this man. He was there at the usual place distributing food. At close I could see that he was in his early thirties. I gave a brief introduction about myself and expressed my curiosity. He asked me how much time I had to listen to his tale. I said I am not leaving until my curiosity is subdued. He began telling his story “I was born in a poor family and my parents were runaways from a different town. The only source of income was my parents’s daily wages. They did any job that they could get and tried their best to provide me all the basic necessities. I was in my eighth grade when they both died in a road accident. I had no relatives nor siblings. There was not much savings to help me sustain more than a few days. I began to starve and decided to drop out from the school. I asked some of their friends to get me a job. Don’t think bad about the neighbours we had. They were not in a position to support me along with their family. Their earnings weren’t that great as well. I found it very difficult to do the jobs I was offered at first. Later I got used to them but my age and honesty was disliked by the employers and  I was out of job so often. As I grew up I learnt how to behave in the work places so as to remain in the good books of the employer. Later I moved out of the town and came to this city in search of a job. I found a better job and was satisfied with the salary I earned. My daily wage is more than my daily expense.  I didn’t know what to do with the money I had   I didn’t want to save the money and die one day leaving all the money behind and not have lived the life I had satisfactorily. I decided to spend the excess money for any good and started this practice sometime back. I am happy the way I am. My needs are satisfied.” He smiled at me and walked away. I stood still for a moment and then did I realize the secret behind his fulfillment with life , “Needs don’t multiply upon fulfillment but Desires do”.


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