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When dream can’t die!!

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In between the green fields the mighty River Cauvery was flowing as the grace that was flowing upon humans. With Carnatic music in the air and love in the food I was one of the happiest kid living with my joint family. The streets in the margazhi days had rangolis that never competed with Ravi Varma paintings but competed with neighborhood rangoli. With the colorful rangolis with a peaceful leaves that is being in joy by the music and the visit of her lovable mist that glorifies her presence by its coldness. I was brought up in traditional family that thought me the values of humanitarian more than fixed up social norms.  I came to Chennai to do my UG in Social Work where I met my love Mathew. It was one of the beautiful days I spent in my life. Mathew was more determined to become a bureaucrat. He always wanted to empower people. After few years of my education in Chennai I became HR. It became very rare for us to meet each other. He was busy with is exam preparation. And I was busy with my recruitments. We meet after a very long time. We spent a very quality time together, that day was so memorable. But I never knew that would be my last time seeing his glittering eyes. After I met him I came to Thiruvaiyaru to see my grandma who was sick. That day changed my forever love to no more. Mathew met with an accident, he was brain death now. I rushed to Chennai to see him one last time. As per his wish we denoted his organs to see his live beyond. His funeral mass happened in the same church where we dreamt together to exchange our wedding vows. Days passed I had only my body I was as death as Mathew. Only difference he was under the earth I was in the top of his new world. I was not able to live here in Madras anymore. So I left to my hometown. I decided not to get married so I adopted a girl child. Mathew and I were wanted to build a small school in my village. Both of us had a common determination to educate rural children. I always had a belief that death is not the real end but the dream is. I wanted my Mathew to live long. So I decided to start the school. Soon with lots of efforts and support I started a school. The school not only provided education but also helped the children in holistic development. It created humans more than educated mammals. It has been 30 years now. The school has become one of the best schools in Thanjavur. As a founder I am proud that the school has created more great leaders as Mathew dreamt to become. I am living a peaceful and satisfied life with my beloved daughter. Each morning whenever I see small children who were so happy to come to school with their glittering eyes. I saw my Mathew in them.  Mathew is not replaceable. But Mathew is never death too. Death happens only when determination to achieve your dream fails. Not when the beautiful soul leaves the visible body. With every sunshine in the morning, we all can dream for a better tomorrow.


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