//When I took you in my arm…..

When I took you in my arm…..

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I was sitting stunned on my chair in my room. I was feeling numb like there was nothing to say. My elder sister was gone. She went to a special place where I couldn’t go even if I wanted too. I was holding her diary to feel her smell. She was like a second mother to me and now she was just a memory. I was angry on God.

The minute I felt that I would never see her again I burst into tears. The pain was pumping in my heart and anger was running through my vein. I wanted to throw away everything and burn  my house. I had my parents with me who were devastated about this tragic event because not only I had lost my sister but they lost their daughter. The feelings were just killing us but we had to past the pain, we had to move on. I had to move on.

I wanted to live with my parents in my home  town but the pain was killing me so I moved to Delhi. I started to pursue my career because I knew that my sister also wanted this for me. Day kept passing and but it never felt better like the pain was still pinching me. I was frustrated, I wanted to feel better but my heart was not ready. I started to take therapy lessons but nothing changed.

On Sunday evening I was walking in the park when I listened a child crying. There was a baby lying in the corner. It was Sunday evening still there were less people. No one was giving any attention to that child. Probably everyone was thinking that the baby’s parents would take care of her. I was thinking same. I took the baby in my arm to stop her crying.

I waited for a long time for her parents  to come but no one came. It looked like someone had abandoned her in the park. I felt terrible for the kid. I took her to my place. I changed her clothes, feed her warm milk, sang a lullaby and she went to sleep. That night I felt so good for the very first time.

I decided to raise this baby on my own. I was not going to give her to an orphanage. I wanted my parents blessing for my decision so I took my little angel to my home. My mom and Dad were shocked; they asked me if I am actually ready for this big responsibility. I told them that I have never felt so much alive and now I wanted to do this.

My parent starts smiling with the tears in eyes. I remind them like my big sister. It was the same thing that she did 20 years ago. She found me in trash when I was just 1 year old and bring me to home. She made herself my big sister so that I could have both mother and father. She gave me everything that I wanted. She gave me love, family and this compassion that I adored the most.

I get to know about this truth when my sister died and I found her secret diary. Since that day I wanted to thank her but I didn’t get the chance. Now I have found a way to thank her. I opened a little home for kids who was abandoned and had no family. I made them family. I was better now, I felt epic. Now I was in peace and I knew that she was also happy in heaven.


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