//Who is My GOD?

Who is My GOD?

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Why God puts me in a difficult situation all the time? Why cannot I be happy? When will I get the life that I desire?

Kate cried bitterly wiping her tears in the pillow and all these questions were passing her mind one after the other. She grabbed her phone to relax, but the music pinched deep in her heart as they were somehow tied to her memories. She then switched to other apps on her mobile but ended up being even more depressed. She threw her phone on the bed and looking at the ceiling, she asked, “Why me?”

Almost, every evening Kate had the habit of watering her plants, quality time with her pet and walk in the terrace, talking to herself. This was her schedule almost for a year. Unlike others, she had very few acquaintances but never shared her pain to anyone except to her God.

“Please grant me a happy, peaceful life, I want to live else take my life but please do not commit me to this painful life, I cannot live anymore like this.” A quiet whisper often heard when she is on her bed praying before her sleep. She repeated this until she fell asleep. Often woke up cleaning her dried tears from her eyes.

As days passed, she was exactly the same person, only with additional things to worry about.

One fine day, after watering her plants, Kate resumed her walk. She did not mind the time but continued walking as it was very cool after a long sunny day. She relished the cool breeze with a pensive smile.

She lay down and glanced at the waxing crescent moon and the sky filled with stars. One particular sentence kept striking her mind when she was lost gazing at the grace of the sky.

“Your wish is my command.”

Kate realized that how her mind knew what is troubling her and what can make her glad. All these days, when she sank herself with worries, the mind brought all the memories associated with it thinking that is what she desires. If she fed her mind with the right thoughts, then apparently it will be busy working on it.

From that second, she began to monitor her thoughts which were actually like flashbacks running in the intellect. It brought one after another picture of the incident that happened until that day. It then picked up some random memory and led forth to analyze, which caused her to worry again.

She wondered and breathed a sigh of relief. She immediately changed the picture in her mind with one of her favorites. The mind now recollected the memories of how happy she was that day.

Kate smiled.

It was her mother, who saw her child smile, approached her and said, “Keep smiling because I truly miss my Kate, who filled this house with warmth and happiness.”

Kate hugged her mother and cried, but this time tears of joy fell from her eyes.

The moment her mind decided to cherish, there was happiness in all that she carried out. She commenced to set goals for her life to be happy and started working for it joyfully with commitment.

Love Your Mind. It possesses all the solutions for your struggles, but it opens only to those who seek its assistance. Our Mind has the ability to warn us when we are in danger and in at unnecessary chores. It can obviously show us the path to a happier and successful life.

Listen in silence that’s when the mind speaks.

My Mind is My God.


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