//Why to change yourself

Why to change yourself

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  1.  Ruby, studies in class 10th.She is an average student and is average in all sort of things. During her preparation leave , she heard all methods which her neighbors, relatives followed and what their children are following or have followed . Her parents knew that she is getting upset, but they can’t  stop the neighbour’s  or relatives , so they always told her “Do what you like we are always there for you.”

Today is her 10th result declaration ,more than her and her parents , the entire colony is excited for her results.She scored 80% but still people around her haven’t stopped taunting her or scolding her when it was just till phone calls she had somehow managed herself but now even they are scolding her in parties , marriages , her parents try hard to stop them but they do it while they aren’t around her. And now she is started getting depressed.

One night a fairy came in her dreams and told her some lines which changed her entire life.The next day when she woke up there was a different aura around her , her parents were very happy about hers all of a sudden change . She then told them further she would be pursuing Arts, her parents were happy but when relatives came to know about this they again started to force her to pursue science but this time she firmly  rejected them and said ” I am sorry but this is my life and I will decide its future.”

During her college days she started exhibiting her talents which until that day, she had hidden from everyone and today she was exhibiting her talent . People all felt attached to it. This way she became more and more famous , now while seeing he, her every relative would keep their mouth shut . Later , she was called by an international level company to inspire theirs people.She went and just said one line ” Why do you listen to someone who haven’t ever listened to themselves .” Among the audience one of them did not understand what she meant actually none of them understood but were hesitating and he asked her openly to explain it she then asked audience to clap for him and then explained ” You know there are many people who don’t  listen to themselves means who don’t follow their own heart and because of this jealousy they also don’t want others to follow it. So what I meant is listen and follow you heart , you know yourselves better than anyone else.”

And this were the lines which the fairy in her dreams told her.


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