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Window of my Heart

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”Ordinary life?-Slicing Potato, making tea, removing mobile from the charger, folding the hands in front of God, taking the same footwear from the shelf, Booking gas cylinder, checking letterbox, catching the train, surfing on the internet and reaching on the same time in the office. Isn’t it an ordinary life? May be, May not be, probably. Everyone has a “dream life” and in that dream life are we are not including our ordinary life. But how long a dream can survive? Is it worth surviving for? How do you build a life worth living?”

Wait. I’m missing the main point which I want to tell you. I’m  Meera who is 25 years old and working as a software engineer. Years of working at the computer had rounded my shoulders, years of looking down into a  laptop or phone had slackened the jawline a bit and compressed my neck. The stress of a demanding job and big-city life had hardened my features. I was busy but not happy in life. That’s the only reminder clock you need. I open the bedroom window and watching at the tree outside. That moment remind me of my past when the 75 years old lady who was my Typing classes teacher and her purpose was not to make a profit and to get rich but to run house in a budget and freely passes on the knowledge to those who can’t afford it to pay to her. That’s when I join the volunteer program for NGOs dedicated to fostering independence & employability among individuals with special needs like Autism, Down syndrome, and Intellectual Disability through skill training, vocational support, physical well-being support, and social skills.

This process has completely changed my perspective on Disability. To be honest I was scared a bit before starting the process as it was my first time but I learned over a period of time that they don’t need our sympathy. All they need is equal opportunities and support. Disability doesn’t define the person. To understand the difficulties of Differently able people was a bit challenging for me because I couldn’t even imagine what all challenges they are facing in day to day life. Be it clothes size, eating, career opportunities or fashion.

I know this is a small initiative but it has completely changed my thinking process. It’s a reminder to slow down, look around, taste, listen, and open ourselves to new people and places. Sometimes small things help us to open the window of our hearts. They taught me to appreciate my ordinary life.  All of this improves not only our quality of life but also the number of years we have. You need to wake up. Live boldly. Push yourself. Just live well and love.  I enjoyed the process of volunteering for that NGO and they helped me to emerge myself. To wake up in a morning and to feel good about ourselves we need to give back to the world.



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