//With wish and hope

With wish and hope

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“We can’t do her operation, her sugar level is very high”, the doctor said to my mother about my maternal grandmother. After having tried and failed throughout the year, she was determined to make her mother’s pelvic joint replacement operation possible anyhow.
She took her mother to the hospital, again and again, did all her medical tests, took her care throughout the day and night, and finally, we could see her sugar level coming to normal.
Finally, when a bed was available in the hospital, we got our grandmother admitted there.

It’s been four months of her operation and recently someone familiar asked me, “How is your grandmother now?”
“in a bedridden condition and not well”, I answered.
“She is aging now”, the reply came.
I tried to say, “what if you were in the same situation and almost everybody asking about your health and just leave you saying “you are aging now”? “. If you ask it for the sake of formality then show some compassion at least.

My grandmother is in her early sixties and she has never thought that her condition could be permanent or it might worsen. She keeps on planning what she will do when she becomes able to walk again and do her stuff on her own.
We, the ones who can do things on our own and don’t have to depend on others for it, can never really understand how blessed we are.

She has always been very fond of studying and reading be it from books, magazines or newspapers.
She could finish a book in a single day. But now she can’t even do that. We were planning to treat her eyesight problem after she gets to walk again.
Nowadays, she is thinking to listen to her favorite songs and memorize the lyrics. She also wants to learn Bengali and English grammar again and if possible will start teaching kids. Now, what could be more optimistic than this?

My mother has seen failure many times -losing her husband even after dedicating herself for his treatment is the cruelest among them. I have seen her in those situations that could shatter anyone but still, she is unstoppable. It’s her strong will power and dedication that she does everything possible by her to cure her family members even when her health doesn’t permit it now.
I try to make her understand that she not only has to live for us but for herself also.

Being a first-year student, my brother alongside studying, doing household chores, taking grandmother to the hospital, he also makes time to do things that he loves -drawing, coloring with his multicolored pens.
He has started his own YouTube channel too. My mother and I were awake whole night
supporting him and waiting for him to upload his first video and celebrate that moment of joy together.

Whenever I see my superwomen crying, I keep on saying random things, silly jokes, anything and everything funny that I can say until I can see a pinch of a smile on their face.

I don’t know when my grandmother will get to walk again but yes we will make sure to make her everyday special, every day happy by being with her.
It might be a never-ending test of our patience, hope, struggle, dedication but we will always try to seek that tint of a smile from these tears of pain. One cannot live even a second without hope.

Words might be mightier than the sword but still, it fails to describe how cursed it feels to see your most-loved ones in pain. But if anyhow we can create that time when we can make each other feel loved, cared for, make each other smile, feel happy to be in each other’s lives, even that single second also counts.


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I am an engineer by degree and a poet by heart. I'm writing an inspiring short story for the very first time. I love to read and listen to short stories ,watch short films, listen to music. I try to frame my feelings, thoughts,real life experiences, experience of some other person into a poem or story.

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