Woke Up

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Title : Woke Up

Early morning birds are tweet and sing ,  warm sun lights just appeared on the window, he woke up on the bed and slowly rubs the hand and just touch his face , then open the eyes .,

The room was little dark.,

He walks slowly getting out from the room ., came to the rest room put the light switch ., Turn the wash basin pipe., pour the water and flash his face., then just he saw the wall mounted mirror.,

He shocked and falling behind .,

Once again he touch his face, arm, and body., Slowly try to stand and again watch the mirror .,

He cannot see his body on it., he got more fear and nervous, Then get out from the rest room. Very faster,

Now he is in the house living room .,

Just put some switches., all lights are turn on., His legs and Hands are shivering .,

Opposite side a dressing table with long mirror., he noticed , His eyes deeply looking that mirror.,

But his legs are not ready to move.,

The wall mounted mechanical clock sounds are disturbing the calm situation.,

He walk very slowly going to the mirror.,

“No.. No….. Nooooooooooooo”       he loudly shouted and get down the floor

Touch his face, chest and legs and crawl and sat on one corner of the house.,

His body fully shivering, tacking deep breath, a big silence was broken by the door knocking sound.

“Tak tak tak “

He looking the door deeply

“Tak tak tak “

He is try to stand but cannot .,

“Tak tak tak “  – Then he listen a  Mature fine male voice

Hello Mr. Kamal

Can you please open the door

After this voice he get some confidence to go to the door.,

Slowly get up and walks to the door, slowly he touch the lock and hold it,

Again the voice came behind the door

Hello Mr. Kamal can you please open the door,

He just open the door and saw two men’s looking like an Officers., having some files and suitcase in their hands, with smiley faces .,

Man 1: Hello Mr.Kamal very good morning and we are your traveler guides

Kamal: Very sorry, I am not book any travels and this is a time for your visit, very early morning

Man 2: Oh… Mr.Kamal I understand your situation, also you did not know about yourself.,

Kamal: I know myself, You are came wrong address, Please check and get away, ( he is in very tension)

Man 2: Okay Mr. Kamal, This is for you, Your entry ticket.,

Man 1: can we sit and discuss about this?

Kamal : Hello sir, Already I have some problem in our home, Now you are two came and talk unnecessary things to me.

The both persons are getting in to the home and sat down the sofa, Kamal unexpectedly this.

Man 1: Mr. Kamal we are in right place, time and specking with the Right person.

Man 2: Mr. Kamal we are from Paradise and this is your  entry ticket please take it.

Kamal cannot understand what’s going on and he slowly going to get the ticket and open it.

In the card :

Your new world welcome you., After your life

After this line was read from Kamal, he is throw away the ticket and Shouted No No No…

Im not dead ., im not dead… run faster to the bedroom … suddenly stunned and looking the bed…

His body on the bed …without any movement. His wife sleeps deeply next to him,

Kamal realize the true, and go to the his body and touch it,

Man 1: Mr.Kamal don’t panic, we are with you, let we go

Kamal silently looks his sleeping wife, and see the  wall mounted family photos, his daughter and son phtos….

Man 2: Cool Mr. Kamal this is all nature … everyone will be face it one day… this is your day.

Kamal turn and looks them… slowly came out the bed room

Walks slowly… going to the mirror …

Stand In front of the mirror .. looks the Mirror deeply .

Man 1: Mr.Kamal let we move..

Kamal and two men’s are came out the home, a small car waiting ready.

Kamal looks the car and its shape, color.,

Kamal smiled … forgotten the situation

Man 2: Okay kamal.. you liked to travel with us, let come in …

That car doesn’t have  driver & steering

One man enters front side, Kamal and other one get in back seat.

Front seat man pushes some buttons, and inserts one card into the car dashboard

The cars move forward …

Kamal seeing the street and other houses are vanishing …

Men 2: Why are you very calm Mr. Kamal, are you not interested to travel our paradise?

Kamal head down and thinking

Men 2: Please free, Mr.kamal , can you see the window

Kaml lift his head and turn window side.. his eyes expand .. seeing some unexpected things..

The car flying  through the colorful clouds… and many cars like this car are flying …

Man 1: You are not alone Mr.Kamal, Many many partners are arriving with you .. many surprising things are awaiting for you… in a new world.

Kamal : I was born in a poor family, many struggles and losses… just a few months only lives happy life with my family and friends.,

Man 2: All we knew Mr.Kamal… but what will do., this is all fixed. We must accept.

Kamal : I am not bother my death, but how many years I was struggled in my life.. But my happy life is very short with my family . Per day I was working 18 hours, I did not spend many occasions, holidays, and many special days with my family.. Now I realize the value of time and family.

Man 1: Every one realizing the truth after only… never lives present.. Works hard for future ..  dont worry Mr.Kamal,

The car flying very faster in the galaxy..

Kamal : Sir, if any chances for I will return back ..?

Man 2: Why Mr.Kamal?

Kamal : Sir, I begging you, please give a chance to live some few days with my family, I missed many thing in my family, I beg you sir please grand me allow ,  please return to me,

Kamal crying and beg them.,

The two men’s are looking each one.,

Man 1: Sir, I will discuss with our boss please calm down.,

Man 1 is open a small box, and press some buttons.. in few sec some glowing lights came out from the box .. a virtual man appearing on the glow light.,

The both men’s are talking with the virtual person; Kamal didn’t understand what they are speaking?

After their conversation the glow light is disappeared., Men 1 close the box and turn to Kamal.

Man 1: Congratulation Mr. Kamal, our boss accepted your request, with one condition?

Kamal gets surprise and shocked?

Kamal : What? What is the Condition? Please tell?

Man 2: You will go back to your body before sunrise, but you can live for 120 sunrises only.

We will come on your 121st sunrise.

Kamal : No sir.. No … No  … I cannot go back , please I don’t want to go! Please

Man 1: Why Mr. Kamal , you only asking, Now why you reject this chance?

Kamal: Who can live happily when known about own death date?

Man 2: Oh…. Mr. Kamal , You don’t worry, The date of your death will be erased from your memory after you enters into your body… Be cool.

Kamal: No .. No Please excuse sir, I am not going back, please don’t.

The both men’s are looking kamal and one Man open the car door push down the kamal, Kamal get down from the car and fly down to earth ,

Galaxy, stars, and many things are faster passes around him, Kamal shouted loudly,


He just woke up in the bed, Birds are tweet and sing, Morning sun rays falls on the window, He rub his hands and touch the face, Slowly get In to the wash basin, Turn the tap, Pouring the water and flash it on his face.. and See the mirror with smiling face.

Live The Present life….

Written by

Thanjai Chozhan


For Editor Note: ( Can remove when its going to publish)

In this story writing have any Spelling or Grammar mistakes please ignore, I can write in Tamil language well, I am not good in English writing. Thanks


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