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Work of Love

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As I walked through a sunny beach one day! I saw a dog clasped tightly by a Women.

I began reciting to myself “Get a life women”. Then she suddenly turned towards me and I began to freak out!

And thought to myself Oh my God! Did she read my mind? No way!!

And then she called and said ‘It’s not just me who loves her beloved dearly’.

And I was like what?? beloved!!

By then she read my mind!

And she answered! I had just lost my first love and he reminds me of the day how he reminded faithful even when I had cheated on him.

I was thinking to myself no wonder he died!!

She added I was once unfaithful but now I feel assured that my love did no end up in vain. Instead I grew in Joy with this dog and I travelled to this remote island which was my first love’s home town.

She also added that that’s where they first made out for the first time!

And my mind filled with disgust and laughter!

And I told her that i thought you were a dog freak! But now you are just a girl who can’t forget her love!

So yes of course I recommend dog therapy but not forever I added! Then i told her this seems like you have lost everything but nothing begins or ends with first love. It begins by transforming you and enriching you!

And thus its just a work of love that you keep longing for it to happen again!

I guess it will happen by Loving yourself first!

And I smiled and I said Gotta Go! See ya Ms. Love!




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