//You Create Your Own Reality

You Create Your Own Reality

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Jessica’s Family: Jessica, Mother Sara, Father Samuel

Adeen’s Family: Adeen, Father Joseph, Mother Mary

Sara and Samuel run a bakery. They have one daughter Jessica. They both work hard so that they can save money for Jessica’s education. They don’t want her to suffer in the future and want her to be independent. 

As time goes by Jessica studies well. By seeing her parents working hard she tells them one day she will help them in growing their business. Sara and Samuel are proud of her.

She decides to study Economics and joins the university. As the university is far from their house, Samuel joins her in a nearby hostel so that she can concentrate on her studies well. Jessica is excited to start her new journey. 

At first she misses her parents and feels like she should go back home and be with her parents but then stops herself as she wants to fulfill her dream. She makes friends and regularly attends classes and spends time in the library and she talks daily with her parents. 

During the freshers’ party Jessica’s friends introduce Atul. Atul is very famous for his sports activity. He is a football player. After meeting Jessica, Atul gets attracted towards her and he meets Jessica everyday in college. Jessica’s friends teases her saying “He likes you, that’s why he finds reasons to meet you”. After a few days Jessica starts liking Atul. They both start spending time together so that they can understand each other well. 

Jessica feels Atul is a person whom she can live for the rest of her life so she gathers courage and decides to tell her parents about Atul but before that she thinks she should talk with Atul about their future first. She goes to meet him. When she reaches his place she sees him with another girl. She feels betrayed and also like he played with her feelings. She runs back to her hostel.

Jessica decides not to go to college for a few days to avoid meeting him as she doesn’t understand how to react to this situation so she spends her time in the park thinking how foolish she was towards him. She is completely disturbed by this incident. She couldn’t concentrate on her studies. She also stops talking to her parents. Her parents get worried for her. 

It’s her final exams of first year. So she goes to college. Atul comes to talk to her and asks her why she was not answering his calls but she refuses to talk to him and she tells him that she has seen him enjoying the company of another girl. Atul gets surprised and he tells her that “It’s good that you got to know about us, I was thinking of how I am gonna tell you. Now that you know, then it will be good if we do not contact each other and let’s break up” and he leaves her. 

After talking with him she couldn’t write her exams well. After completing all her exams she returns home. Her parents are so happy. They celebrate together but Jessica doesn’t enjoy it. Her parents try to talk to her but she doesn’t tell them anything and acts normally. 

It’s the result day. Jessica comes to know that she has failed in a few subjects and she has to rewrite her exams. She couldn’t control herself. She thinks that everything is over for her and she has nothing left to do, not even courage left to face her parents. She decides to do suicide and she run away from home. When she was about to jump from mountain Atul and her memories popped up in her head, she thinks of the conversation they both had during their breakup it makes her sad then she thinks of time she has spent with her parents and friends, she also thinks of her dream of helping her parents. She realises that her parents love is much more precious than anything else and she should live for them, make them happy and focus on achieving her dream. 

She runs to her parents. While returning back many questions where popping up in her head like “Will they stop my education”?, “Will they understand me?”, “Does it make them lose the trust they had on me?”, “Are they gonna stop loving me like before?”. Despite all these she gathers courage and tells herself “No matter how they are gonna react I am gonna tell them the truth and accept whatever punishment they will give to me”. She reaches home, she is nervous, she slowly goes near them and says that she wants to confess and tells them everything that happened during her first year. She apologises for not telling the truth earlier. She also says “I am ready to accept whatever punishment you guys give to me but please don’t stop loving me”.

After listening to her Samuel and Sara are angry on her as she had made stupid decision of ending her life. Samuel tells her, “I never thought my daughter is such a coward to think about such things. I thought you were brave enough to handle the toughest situations. This really disappointed me but still I am glad you realised that it is not a wise decision, if not I would have been hating you until I die”. He also tells her “There is no need for you to feel guilty as you have told us everything. We want you to forget everything that makes you sad and just be happy and enjoy each and every moment you spend everyday and make sure you dont make any stupid decisions ever again we are always there to guide you, listen to you. Whenever you want to share anything you can openly discuss with us. We are happy that you told us everything we were really worried about you for so many days. Even after asking you were not willing to tell us back then but it’s ok. Now let’s forget these things and start everything again.” Her parents also tell’s her “We are happy with whatever makes you happy. You can continue your studies if you want or else you can tell us if you want to do something else, we have no issues.” 

That night her parents couldn’t sleep as they were sad because she was going through such pain and they couldn’t help her and they were happy that she has not made any stupid decisions. 

Next day Jessica talks to her parents and tells them that she will continue her studies and this time she is going to focus on her goal. Her parents are happy for her and also worried for her. Sara asks her if she wants her to stay with her until she completes her studies. Jessica tells her that she doesn’t have to be worried for her and she will take care of herself well.

She comes to the college regularly and prepares for her exams. Slowly she improves and scores well in her subjects and she clears her backlogs. Her parents are happy for her. 

During her final year she meets Atul again. Atul wants to patch up with her. He comes to talk to her during farewell. She tries to avoid him as she gets angry when she sees him but when he still tries to talk to her she couldn’t control herself from yelling at him saying “What are you thinking of yourself whenever you want you will come to talk and whenever you want you will just walk out. It’s better if we don’t talk to each other. I can never forget what you have done to me but still I am happy that it happened. I got to know how much potential I have in me. I am very much happy the way I am now and I don’t want people like you to be around me and I really thank you for playing such a bad role in the journey of my life. Hope you should not face the things I have gone through and goodbye forever”. After saying all that she has in her heart she feels so relieved.

During her final semester she tries for an internship in a well known company. She gets selected and she starts working there so that she can get experience of how things go in reality. After completion of her graduation she returns back to home and she tells her parents that she doesn’t want to work for others instead she will now focus on what she always wanted to do. 

Jessica plans and takes business loan from the bank and opens their website for taking orders online. She also hires people for home delivery as well. Customers start liking their baked items. Their bakery gets popular and they get more profit. Jessica talks to her parents and tells them that she wants to open a few more branches so that it will be easy for us to reach customers easily. With the profit they get she opens a few more branches and she also opens NGO which feeds the poor, it also helps children to educate. Her parents are proud of her.

Her parents now want her to get married so they start looking for matches for her. One day their regular customers Joseph and Mary come to meet them. They are also friends. They tell them “We got to know that you guys are thinking of Jessica’s marriage so we are here to talk about our son Adeen as we are thinking of his future as well so we thought of Jessica if you guys are ok with it”. Jessica’s parents are happy to hear that but they tell them it depends on Jessica if she chooses him then we are ok but before that they tell them everything about Jessica’s past so that it should never affect her in future, if they come to know about her past from outsiders. After listening to them they tell them “Lets our kids decide about their future. We will make them talk with each other once, so that they get to know each other”. They plan to talk to their kids about it.

Jessica’s parents talks with Jessica and tells her to give a chance to Adeen and if she is ok then they can think about what to do next. Jessica is confused as she doesnt know how she is gonna deal with Adeen. Later she agrees to meet him.

Adeen’s parents talk with Adeen and tell everything about Jessica and also tells him to meet her so that they can know each other. 

Jessica and Adeen meets at Church after their prayer Adeen asks Jessica for having lunch together. They both go to a restaurant and while having their lunch Jessica tells Adeen “I have something to talk about with you before we can talk about anything else” Adeens says “sure.. go ahead”. Jessica tells everything about her and Atul relationship and how they broke up and also tells that “I am not sure that I am gonna be a good partner for you and also no matter how much I try my heart is all closed to love someone else from that time so it will be better if we tell our parents that we are not perfect match”. After listening to her Adeen tells her “My parents already told me about your past and it was my own decision to meet you and after meeting you I am sure that we will get along well in future”. Jessica is shocked to hear that from him. Adeen drops Jessica to her home after their dinner.

When Sara and Samuel asks Jessica how her date was. She tells them “It was not that bad. I have told that guy that I am not sure we could get along well in the future and he was like yeah I know about it still I am ok with it but somewhere I also like his mature thought”. 

Joseph calls Samuel and tells him that Adeen have agreed to marry Jessica. Samuel is very happy he tells this news to Sara and Jessica. 

Jessica tells her parents that she is still not ready for the marriage as she doesnt know anything about him. Still Jessica agrees, as her parents trust them. Adeen and Jessica gets married and live happily.

Sometimes Jessica thinks that “What would have happened if I would have given up back then and committed sucide. I could have missed all these happy and sad moments in my life. On top of it I could have missed the time I spend with my people. Also I would have not met Adeen who makes me feel special everyday and makes me happy.”

“Life is not easy for everyone there are some moments where you think you can’t take it anymore. Ending up your life is not a wise decision at all. It only hurts the people who were around you. You can free yourself with it but in return you would give wound for your people around you for life time. We can never change the bad things which happen to us but we can always think of ways to resolve things. Even the Sun which rises daily have to rise down in order to rise up again. We should always fight against all the odds and rise up again after falling down. Like we did in our childhood we would not even know how to walk. We start from crawling then slowly we learn everything. After falling for so many times we starts walking. When we didn’t give up back then, why should we  think of ending up our life so easily. We should fight back and rise”.


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